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  1. all good, its good practise anyway.
  2. I screwed up and did the ban for 7 days then unbanned, and rebanned for lyf.

    Yeah I'm good I know...
  3. yeah mate, they are gone for good.
  4. Ooo alrighty

    Perma ban?

    check out the profile. see the way its set out with his biography and location etc. thats how some bots put information in and are nice and easy to spot. have a go at banning him. the mod control panel is linked at the bottom right of every page.
  6. i doubt anyone will royally screw up like i did again. good luck in doing so though.
  7. Thanks

    Lets hope I don't do a Gilly and break the forum :/ haha
  8. yeah no problem. ill be at work a bit tomorrow but if you send me a message on facebook i can usually reply pretty quick.
  9. Thanks bro!

    I will most likely need your help sooner or later ><

    I don't have the time to go through all of the rules and how to do my job and stuff today, but I shall tomorrow, so expect some questions from me. haha
  10. why congrats sir.
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