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  1. Maaaaaaate back in green! Awesome to see you back on the staff man, you do a freaken excellent job!
  2. Congrats on gettin back into it man!
  3. Yeah sure blame her - But that is pretty funny!
  4. thought id mention my girlfriend covered my bed in glitter for valentines day, had to laugh.
  5. Yeah at least if it were a stripper I could of had bloke creds, LOL!
  6. ha ha never mess with glitter unless its on a stripper
  7. Glad you liked my facebook status fair dinkum that glitter got freakin everywhere!
  8. Happy birthday bo...hope you had a blast!
  9. LAWLZ - Oh noez teh pokeball haz smashed me! /me throws mudkip poop!
  10. sees a wild BJP. throws pokeball
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