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  1. yeah between 2 jobs and looking after a house myself i need something to do lol.
  2. Glad to see you're back.
  3. hey.

    yeah thats all.
  4. its ok. i can cope without logging in for a day lol. never used to be able to though.
  5. Sorry baby cakes. The opportunity presented itself, and I was drunk. So I banned you then fell asleep. Woke up and didn't remember doing it.

    And that's how Admins party hard.
  6. i wouldnt have taken it anyway mate, i have no energy to do the work required for the job at the moment. good luck to you, you certainly deserve it.
  7. Only because you left I'm afraid.
  8. ha ha, never thought id see you in the red. congrats mate.
  9. Saw it was your birthday on Facebook.

    Happy birfday pal.
  10. ah yeah only 2 days late lol. honestly i forget i am and havent bothered to change it back.
  11. Why are you invisible?

    It's not like anyone gives a **** if you're online or not.
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