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  1. Well thank you again everyone has been so nice to me already! Gah this week has been awesome, starting to test vita games, a signed poster from doug walker, and now this.
  2. I'm confident you will be mate
  3. Thank you will do hopefully i can become a useful member of staff :3
  4. Just take it easy and worry about bigger issues as they come. In the downtime keep an eye open for double posts and threads etc
  5. Ive read through the thread, il keep reading it till every detail is stuck in my brain! :3
  6. Well yeah, do feel free to ask but keep in mind dc's SMC guideline thread in the SMC section, its super helpful he did a really good job with it as well

    And yeah you deserve it man
  7. Ty i probbaly will ask till i get used to it i wasnt expecting it!
  8. Congratulations on the SMC position mate

    If you need a hand at all just give us a yell!
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