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  1. Happy brapday brother
  2. somebody mentioned tbagging in a kz-sf thread... and i thought of you.

  3. Bought it about a week and a half ago. It's really fun, but more importantly, it isn't Call of Duty

    How's life treating you sir?
  4. Your blackness is only trumped by your awesomeness

    How's BF3? Saw you on it the other day/week/month...cant remember now lol
  5. More or less on the run from the ePolice these days man

    And I upgraded a while ago brah. Was tired of being behind. Now I'm getting laughed at by 3DTV owners heh.
  6. Yo you devilishly handsome yankfag! Just saw an SDTV, and instantly thought of you
    How's shit brah?
  7. For a yankfag,your manliness knows no bounds
  8. Aww duuuuude.... are you missing me t-bagging you?
  9. You handsome faggot
  10. Quote Originally Posted by T0PGUN View Post
    Damn lethal i never knew you could move so quick

    sent from me dog,at work

    Was luck sir. I just HAPPENED to check the forum and the thread was open. I didn't expect to get it until I noticed there were only two subs, and both were Eurofags
  11. *tips troll-cap*
  12. Quote Originally Posted by T0PGUN View Post
    anyone who fancies paris hilton must also fancy 12 year old boys.
    Your troll skills are vastly superior to most of this community
  13. Happy Birthday yankfag
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