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  1. Hey man, any chance you have any PSDs lying around of your sigs?

    I'd love to see em.
  2. Thanks. Been trying to get some good smudge sigs done.
  3. Thanks, glad you like it. Nice work on your Venom SOTW entry!
  4. Your new sig is 100% amazing.
  5. Ahh.

    I remember there being a really good plugin for topaz that was very simple. But the last one I found was shit, it made you open an entire other window to get it done, and took forever.
  6. No, I was using Denoise to give comic book scans a more digital & vectorized look when reading them on my pc or ipad. I used to use the Topaz Clean plugin for sigs, but that was awhile ago.
  7. Denoise? Is that what you use in your current sig?
  8. Only whats available on filestube. You can get the whole bundle on there, I only have denoise which I got off there but was awhile ago...
  9. Do you know a link to get Topaz?
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