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  1. Jesus Christ, we ain't on twitter :P Mine died to a certain extent so I'm pretty much just between PC and PS4. As for twitter, feel free to follow @LosDragonflyos...chill dude, you might know him.
  2. Any PS4 plans? It'd be great to kick your ass on KZ4.
  3. Aww how sweet of you, thanks )
  4. Let's just say my positive impression of you has been strengthened. Very gorgeous.
  5. Lol what do you think
  6. I see you've decided to put some pics up, nice!
  7. Heheheh great nd u
  8. Me! And how is my fine lady today?
  9. Guess who's back
  10. Well, you know how the PS3's lifespan has reached its end? Not many AAA titles are comin out anymore. When the PS4 comes out and really awesome stuff like Killzone 4 hits the market, the forums are gonna blow up again. I ain't on here a lot anymore, mostly twitter.
  11. Good

    b ut hey PSU is not active as it used to be ?! Whats up with it o__O
  12. Been doing quite fine! Can't believe how long it's been. :') How about you?
  13. Awwww DF~! Looooooong time no see! How have you been? Missed u btw
  14. I still have your e-mail in my contacts so I've been thinkin about you every now and then
  15. Missed you, Xraein! <3
  16. omg!!! haaaaaaaaai D:
  17. Hey there!
  18. Omg! I miss you too D:

    What's the problem? I hope it's not a big one. You can send me a PM whenever you like~
  19. Hi xraein, i have a problem which i am sure of that you can solve it. do you have msn? or maybe we could just chat with private messages? it's fairly important and i like you anyhow so we could talk maybe?

    EDIT: i miss you
  20. Holy crap!
    Aww welcome back! How are you?
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