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  1. Too much to handle O_o My suggestion is we become strippers. We can have a certain theme and we'll become notorious for It. we can be Bonnie and Clyde then we strut down the runway with tuxedos and guns that look realistic but shoots out water. So we rip off our tuxedos then we'll be in very sexy underwear. Then we spray each other with the water guns while breaking down to music. If not that we can do peter pan and tinker bell. Million dollar ideas, amiright?
  2. Lol hey I'M fine! I'm just too much to handle lol. And how we can make alot of money genius?
  3. That sucks. The silver lining is now your not gonna waste your time on something that would've not worked out in the first place. I feel bad for you though but you'll find another.What do you drink? By the way, we could make a lot of money together.
  4. Woah man lol! Your so naughty we might get banned :lol

  5. Why do you need a drink right now? I'll be a stripper if you'll be my partner
  6. Hey thats cool! oh why some beautiful girls unlucky in love?

    And right now I really need a drink< ،،you can be the stripper &:
  7. Just don't end up in something you don't like. That's one of my biggest fears. I'm still lost on what I want in life,however, It would have to be a sociologist, marine biologist, or a computer scientist. Also, you could totally be a stripper DO IT!
  8. Well right now yes, Honestly I want something else.. I got bored already what about you?

  9. I could see you doing that. The thing about being a waitress is you get tipped based on looks (guy's perspective) and a nice perspective from a woman's perspective. Another thing is that you'll get surprised as one. I read just yesterday that a man left a woman a 1,000 dollar tip. However, your job would be more stable and with constant good pay. I see the pros of both of them. Is that what you want to do with your life though? (secretary?)
  10. I work as a secretary for an insurance company, its a nice job and way better than working as a waitress lol
  11. I told you so. I was reading your thread earlier and I was curious, what kind of work are you in? Is a specialized job or just general like walmart, dollar general, and dollar tree?
  12. woah.. wow that was.... cool i guess &:
  13. It's not like that. I was just stating a fact. I'm only slightly creepy. On a different note though, I usually put something about unicorns having sex with dolphins while Moses masturbates to them. Then he cums everywhere splitting the unicorn and dolphin apart forever. FOREVER ALONE.
  14. Lol your comment was 'welcome back' now now tell me about your 'weird' comments;p
    And yep thats me but sorry im taken xo
  15. LOL. You were lagging bad. What kind of comment did I put? I usually put weird ones. Also, Holy crap you're hot. (If that's you)
  16. Hey i just notiiced the rep u gave me one year ago lol

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