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  1. yay! with me it's baseball, ice hockey, football, basketball.
  2. Yeah... @efs5030

    I am a 4 sport fan Hockey, Football, Baseball, and Basketball. In that order.
  3. ok dude, u got twitter? we really need to stay in touch man! this winter i might see a flyers game with my mate mark. u also a MLB fan or only NHL?
  4. What's up? I haven't been on the forums in about a month...
  6. Editing posts is going mental, sorry
    read the post below before the preview.
  7. Hey dude, u r my mate who's a phillyphan right? You'll like this: Also, in case u forgot me, u were always my PS3F mate from my early days onwards but after the new design i lost u [EDIT: YESS U WERE CLAUDE GIROUX! IT SAYS IN UR SIG! U MADE ME AN AWESOME FLYERS SIG! I want it so bad now ] Didn't u change ur name to some hockey player of the flyers?

    If u had twitter we cud stay in touch so much better cuz i'm always on twitter with my iPhone which helps me atay in touch with MANY PS3Forums people and if u wanna i can also invite u to Google+ or Google Music BETA!

    EDITē: i'll have a website soon, too! it'll make life so much easier cuz then everyone gets the link and it'll link to all my appearances on the web. gonna be absolutely insane. The domain will be Dragonfly.SecretTopLevelDomainCuzPeopleLikeToAnnoy OthersByStealingDomains and I'll give u a preview...
  8. too much? not enough?
    if you think it ain't enough, try an LMG [StA3 is rape, spread like a mad sh** and it kills people with a few has an extremely high fire frequency too]
  9. idk the amount of bullets to kill someone is a negative too
  10. you can change the turn speed, sensitivity for X and Y axis in KZ3, cod friendly!
  11. It honestly is something to do with the camera, the way the character moves, and just the game speed in general, I can see why people like it but Im more of a cod guy as of right now and I will be switching to Socom when it comes out as I have always been a Socom guy.
  12. It's really fun when you do the sniper/marksman/scout with move and you just kill 12 people in a guerrilla warfare match and don't get killed. so much win.
  13. I've always hated Killzone don't know why just never kept my interest got boring for me real quick
  14. i mostly use it for organizing games and staying in contect with my psn mates. so u gonna get socom special forces but no KZ3? a shame as kz3 is a great game dude.
  15. Yeah I'm just waiting for Socom 4, I've pretty much stayed away from this site... It's got really boring...
  16. been doing fine, playing KZ3 now and...just living. doing loads of boring skool **** (damn its much) and y'know. eating, pooping, drinking, eating again etc.
    also, breathing.
  17. Not too bad just playing ALOT of Black Ops How about You?
  18. hey mate been missing you hows things been?
  19. thanx u i had a great bday!
  20. Happy Birthday Dragonfly!
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