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  1. Yes, now that looks like a proper admin. One I would vote for! =D
  2. Changed it back just for you!
  3. NO! I demand you return to your old avy! >.<

    And congrats on the promotion.
  4. Thanks. I'm happy to be reppin both Final Fantasy and Goku.
  5. Congratulations, my fellow Final Fantasy-loving, Goku-loving homie. =D
  6. It wasn't active enough. It's only necessary to have sub-forums for the games that really need them. The Final Fantasy section only had about two active threads, which the main PS3 Games forum can more than accommodate.

    Also, the section would have only become active once FFvsXIII was released, which is still most likely a ways away. If that game produces a lot of activity, we could always bring it back.
  7. Why have they removed the Final Fantasy sub-forum?! T.T
  8. Someone has to lead the Final Fantasy charge!

    Happy new year.
  9. Hey there, Byoushinn's doppleganger. =P

    Happy New Year! =)
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