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  1. Hey just dropping by to say Merry Christmas and seeing if your still alive...
  2. I am saving for the 320gb move bundle.. Not to interested in the move but it is the better deal of the 2 models...Also maybe you got some paste on part of the board that process sound or maybe you didn't hook up a wire???
  3. Sorry to here about your PS3 dying again. Don't remember if told you but went and bought a 250gig slim from Target last November. Still have my 60gig, just been to lazy to find out why the sound is the only thing not working after the thermal paste job.
  4. Sorry for not getting back to you.. Was unable to try the code since my system died AGAIN!!!!

    Will be getting a new one sometime soon and then repair my old one one more time and hopefully do the data transfer thing and transfer everything that will go over...
  5. Just wondering if the code i gave you for Uncharted worked or not.
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