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  1. A yo i'll check my pm's wheneva i feel like checking my pm's!
  2. Check your PMs.
  3. Happy Birthday homie!
  4. Good timing. Welcome back.
  5. I'm Back!!! *starts stalking tribs*
  6. Very sexy in red!!
  7. Spread the word. I said I wouldn't post in the counting thread for 3 days after Bubano's last post.

    So the clock is counting.
  8. Thanks for that.
  9. Amazing! Thanks so much love.

  10. I probably overdid it.
  11. Anyone where is she pretty!
  12. Any particular picture?
  13. That would be so awesome. Thanks so much!
  14. So I don't get updates when someone posts a VM for me.

    Um, I'll see if I can make one.
  15. Hey Triblets. Can I askes you a favor!? Can you pwease make me a Lights sig. I have not the time or else I would plus you has mad skillz yo.
  16. Just add me on facebook.
  17. You should hook me up with the links so I can have a looksie.
  18. No but all my work is displayed on my facebook page.
    I mostly worked in Illustrator.
  19. You talked about graphic design alot.

    Do you have a deviantart page?
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