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  1. Hey Shin saw your message just now. Took a break for a bit. Well I had a nice holiday, so glad the semester is over, going nuts over all the sales on Steam and finally able to relax a bit with no school for a while. There are a number of games I haven't played that I'd like to get through over my break. I'm not sure what I'll play.

    How have you been my friend? What's new?
  2. Watcha been up to?
  3. Yeah they haven't been the same really since the merger
  4. Can't say I like FF. I tried two of the games before and that just bored me.
  5. Right now I'm playing FFXIII-2, I was super lost before cause I wasn't sure how to navigate the Historia Crux. I was playing through ME3 last night but for some reason I felt the urge to stop lol
  6. I'm enjoying mass effect 3 I must say! What are you playing or planning to play?
  7. Yea same here, i'm super behind
  8. Oh ya know working, catching up on games.
  9. Watching tons of anime, just finished Persona4 so I'd be ready for Arena. I'm rockin out to the intro's right now. You?
  10. I'm getting back into it a little bit. For a good year I didn't play. Just had a pyro class update which has me excited. What cha been up to?
  11. Hey there Pod, yeah i decided to have my necromancer friend resurrect me so I could come back here Still into Team Fortress?
  12. Whoa bad from the dead are ya? Long time no see
  13. Hey I have no idea if you check this anymore but I wanted to say hello if you ever see this at all! You suggested Eureka 7 to me to watch I still haven't done it! Sad to say but I might be watching that this summer. :/ with classes starting again and games I want to play but I'll get to it! Saw the first episode and liked it so I haven't forgotten about it. Wanted to see how you were.
  14. Nice nice, glad you have an interest in it It's a very very good show , will definitely hold your interest I think and it helps that there's 50 episodes
  15. Just watched the first episode now. I think it looks promising There looks to be quite a few episodes so I'll have a fix for a while. I do like what I see.
  16. Had a chance to watch Eureka 7 yet? what do you think?
  17. Not watching any anime right now. I am going to watch that Eureka 7 like you suggested soon. I have the next 2 days off so I'll start watching I expect.
  18. That sounds cool, lets you shake things up a bit.

    Yeah I think it is, IGN's Daily Fix did an excerpt on it. It looked really fun from what I saw

    You watching any anime? I just finished Eureka 7
  19. A scramble will do just as it says lol. It moves people around to the opposing team if people think teams are uneven or one side keeps getting steamrolled.

    Not sure if Alien Swarm is an old game revised but it is fun.
  20. That's cool how they give you special perks for donating, what's a scramble vote to? Can you use those votes as many times as you want or only once per match?

    Dead Space, that's another one of those good games people like but I won't touch because I can't stand the gore. Funny thing is I'll watch the Resident Evil movies since they're not as bad, but the games are on a different level. Thanks, good to see you're still around too Yeah I heard about that from IGN, how is it? I heard it's a revised game but it looked really fun
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