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  1. i know how you feel, can't stop coming back lol.
    just living it one day at a time.

    that's not that bad. hey still gonna pass and do your business stuff.

    200 miles?? that sucks, if you think it's worth it then why not go for it?
  2. Definitely old habits lol. After going on here so much i can't help but check it once in a while.
    What you doing with yourself atm then?

    Aw thank you turns out i did alright. Failed one but it doesn't matter. So overall ok but could have and should have done better.

    Thanks! I'm hoping it'll set me up well for the future and Microsoft seems like a great place to work I have to move 200 miles away though
  3. it's ok. i know your busy with school and everything. in fact i'm shocked you even still come around here. old habits huh? lol. well both maybe. cops over here pretty much need a degree in criminal justice now. so it's a possibility.

    don't be worried. if i remember right you were always really smart. shouldn't be an issue at all.

    congratulations! sounds like your going to be doing pretty well for yourself. internship with microsoft will probably help you out a lot in the future!
  4. Hey, i'm sorry i'm only just replying Are you gonna do a degree in criminal justice or become part of the NYPD? Both sound really interesting.

    My exams are well and truly over now but the results come out next week and frankly, i'm worried! :/

    Good news though - today i found out that i have secured an internship with Microsoft for a year starting in July. Looks like my hard work paid off
  5. it's fine. just doing work. thinking about starting a degree in criminal justice, maybe become part of the NYPD. thought about doing that alot wheni was there for new years.

    lol exams do duck, but your almost done with them. surely there is someone who can help you find a job.

    well that's one way to get in lol. as long as your there doing something right?
  6. Sorry i've taken so long to reply What you up to atm? Your plans sound pretty cool!
    I'm just revising for exams, it sucks And i still haven't found a job for next year lol.
    I would still like to go back later to do space stuffs but i'm thinking it might well be easier to go into space stuffs through the finance side
  7. 2nd year? my my growing up so fast lol. year off sounds great, just don't get to comfortable, know someone who took a year off, never went back. so finance industry for your business stuffs? lol still thinking about going back later for space stuffs? my plans include re-enlisting , doing marine security guard, then going into MARSOC (special forces)
  8. Glad to hear it Yep in 2nd year now, it it's really tough, a lot harder than last year Still working at a supermarket but only on weekends so it's not so bad. I'm hoping to take a year out next year to get a job in the finance industry and gain some experience but the applications aren't going so well lol. What are your plans?
  9. Going pretty good. So what about you? Still in uni? Have a job?
  10. Lol how's it going?
  11. apparently not lol.
  12. Seems i haven't totally
  13. seems you've disappeared forever.
  14. Ooh hey i was wondering where you got up to! How is it going? So good to hear from you
  15. hey holly. just letting you know i'm still alive. i'll be here for awhile longer. just the first chance i got to get on the net since janurary.
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