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  1. Sorry, I just got your message :]

    I have been going to Western Michigan University. Got an apartment there with my friends. Going for a degree in clinical psychology now. Been really busy, so much less gaming lately sadly.
  2. So what has my little hobbit been up to the last couple of years?
  3. No worries, figured after a couple year getting that blonde with the shades sig would be out the window lol

    no need to apoligize, I really was just bugging you to say hi

    I don't... sorry, I have not been very active around here... nor have I made a sig in forever.

    Good to see you back though
  5. hey spider man.... long time no see...

    You wouldnt hapen to have an old sharky sig hangin around that I could use again so I dont have to keep answering the same questions over and over again now that I am reappearing would you?
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