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  1. yeah everything has changed. new owners, new layout, new vb version, all points etc were lost when seb upgraded to vb 4.0 (essentially so he could sell the site ) plus almost an entirely new staffing team since you were last here. maybe cuguy was staff when you were here but only smc, or maybe new mod then. o and of course gilly and tribs but they are VERY inactive atm, due to real life and are really only staff because of what they did before hand.

    and yeah life is good. cant complain
  2. it's been pretty good thanks how about yourself? i cant get over how much has changed on here now, disappointed i lost my old icons and points lol.
  3. wow nice to see you're back been a very long time pal. hows life been ?
  4. hey man, yeh feels like forever lol, used to come on here all the time
  5. its been nearly a year. what happened mate.
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