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  1. Oh wow! This is like some doppelganger meet-up in here.
  2. and I've lived in Dubai
    but not for long
  3. Ahh, I've lived in Canada before. For like 3 years in Toronto.
  4. Canada.
    I just finished my first year in university (studying mechanical engineering)
  5. Well it's at least good exercise, I guess. =P
    Yeah man. I live in Dubai now. Will be moving to either London or Manchester in a couple more months for uni. What about you? I believe you stay in US, right?
  6. Nothing much. exhausted right now, was teaching my little brother how to ride a bike. Had to jog along with him. :/
    Some some reason I had the impression you were Indian. You reside in Dubai if I'm not mistaken?
  7. You know, I've always wanted to say hi. What's up, my Paki brother? =)
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