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  1. If I got mad at every person that threw something my way, I'd hate 90% of the forums.
  2. Well said man, well said!
  3. Its a discussion man. Even if that was aimed directly at me, it would not affect anything. If we can't argue like adults, and not be pissy, then whats the point of the forum.

    Its all good man.
  4. Hey man, I didn't mean to aim that comment to you! What I meant is that these silly things should just be left aside.
  5. K, here it is.

    Gonna have Cuguy insert it into the OP of the DS clubhouse.
  6. I send the PSD. to you so you can do what ever you want with it, then I'll put it into the DS clubhouse for future use.
  7. Hell yes! I forgot to ask you that the other day. Do you send me the .psd so I customize it or do you do it?
  8. Forgot to mention. Since you now be in the DS. Does you want the DS userbar?

    There is the one I made, think Spyrde is wearing that still. And then the one Xelis made. I have the PSD. for that.

  9. No worries man, you are a master. But the DS have decided to wait a little bit to see if you stay active. So be patient.

    Yes! I love tutorials! I look forward to seeing it.

  10. Wow man, thanks! I'll try my best to stick around the place and contribute. I'm making a tutorial at the moment dedicated to the DS.
  11. PMs have been sent. The DS will decide your fate.

    Pretty much a guarantee though.
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