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  1. Stewie, has some great episodes and some f the best one liners lol, you?
  2. I don't get it, i'm British!! explain!
  3. But Rugby is crap to watch and play lol.
  4. I didn't say they look tough but they don't dress up lol.
  5. The sport is shet but its called football, American football is even worse though, rugby is the shet, they can make serious contact without all these helmets and pads lol. It makes me laugh that they're all big guys that take steriods but wear helmets and major pads. You speak English, football is English.

    No you're not getting to me, just explaining incase you forgot again lol.
  6. Football* team, here they are in action
  7. lol what a betchfest, was the crazy one your Mum?
  8. Do you even know who Man United are?
  9. Man United fans are like scum of our nation, they're like the red necks or whatever they are. They slowly eat your soul with big headedness, be careful not to catch it, just remember they can give you aids without any sexual intercourse. See you on Portal 2 when PSN is back up.
  10. Why are you a friend with a Man United fan do you not realise what they are? See you on Portal 2 when PSN is back up.
  11. **Wake up**
    ***I only speak to people if they are awake***
    ****If you do not wake up I will report you to the PSN police****

    See you on Portal 2 when PSN is back up.
  12. You get basically a month trial, where as I get a extension to my subscription

    Me > You. I bet you knew I was going to copy you with that right? but i'm ok to copy because I am a Brit after all.

    I have now got all the Portal 2 single player trophies what were very easy and just have the co-op trophies left to do, so me and you will get the easy co-op trophies for you to then go on and get all the single player trophies to unlock the platinum. See you on Portal 2 when PSN is back up.
  13. So again here I am, 3 hours remaining till that guy tells us when PSN will be up hopefully he has a button in his pocket which puts it back online, a button like that one in Portal 2 oh and see you on Portal 2 when PSN is back up. It's a goodnight from me and a goodnight from Portal 2. See you on Portal 2 when PSN is back up.
  14. Have you seen Doctor Who advertised on tv yet? See you on Portal 2 when PSN is back up.
  15. You deserve some kind of medal, you can read sarcasm over the internet (your radar shouldn't be going off to that). See you on Portal 2 when PSN is back up.
  16. You don't fool me, I know you do and you just use me because i'm British... for example you always join me on LBP2 because I am the best host finding such amazing levels and I don't just let you fly around boredless in one of my levels. Essen is the worst host and you come a close 1st but you're the 2nd worst host. See you on Portal 2 when PSN is back up.
  17. lol, if you can play shet games like that you can play Portal 2! I will never stop going on about this until you play it and get the platinum!
  18. Completed it, only purchased it yesterday lol, great game that we will have fun playing in co-op. I don't know if you're put off as people say its a FPS, it isn't, its first person but not a shooter. Still don't want to play it? It has easy trophies!
  19. Off ta play, probably complete Portal 2 now, cyaz.
  20. Lmao, mine is still better though... mine has lines! You're such a..
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