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  1. Sweet, I'm heading over there
  2. I couldn't really figure out where to put the text, so I did a couple of different ones with it on the right. Can't tell which one is best

  3. Wow that looks awesome, nice job! Wow sweet.

    BTW, I need to get an hour sleep or so, so... see you in a little bit lol
  4. lol Sounds like fun

    So... how's the GF going?
  5. Oh yeah definitely

    Um... not a lot, just been hanging out since I was ill lol

    You been up to anything?
  6. Nah I haven't played with it yet. I do quite like the way it works from the user side though, but it might be just slightly too modern-ish for me I guess a different skin would change a lot though.
  7. Yeah I signed up to their forum the first day it was announced -

  8. Yeah ok Just got a little bit of a cough left now, but that's ok I guess lol

    How about you?
  9. Eww chicken soup lol
  10. Hey, sorry for not replying... slept through most of the last couple of days
  11. Nooo it's awesome and fun. I haven't bought it myself yet but I played it a little bit the day it came out.

    I will get RDR one of these days... I promise lol

    So what is that DLC... is it an extra multiplayer mode or an extra campaign thing?
  12. Yeah lots, like always... you?


    But yeah... I don't think I've got any new ones since we last mention games. Will probably get Dead Rising 2 soon though.
  13. It sucks Ah...

    So, what's been up with you?
  14. I'll get started soon. Felt like crap the last couple of days, seem to have something somewhere between a cold and flu >_>
  15. lol Ok

    So I guess I'll see what I can do
  16. Ah ok. So you don't have a specific script in mind that you want to use?
  17. Yeah that's cool I guess
  18. lol

    Yeah sure, that'd be cool
  19. Yeah it'd be cool Only if you still want to though
  20. You alright there homie?

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