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  1. Oh lol

    Wow, so it really might be twins. How are you feeling about that possibility? lol
  2. Ah right

    So how long have you been working on your new site?
  3. Sweet, you've mentioned doing a site like that a few times Should be good

    Have you done anything with your current sites recently?
  4. lol

    Hopefully whenever you watch any wrestling (or UFC if that's what that is) you'll just think they're having a big hug
  5. lol Definitely

    This should be playing, with the GIF slowed down a bit -

  6. Well, it's nice that instead of trying to hurt each other, they like to lay down each other hugging now

  7. Well then I hope for you that she is, since you're both hoping for that

    But yeah, I hope everything goes well for you man
  8. Wow, it's cool that you're relaxed and happy about it Most guys would probably be freaking out lol

    And wow about the twins. I thought it was just completely random and wasn't carried on to the next generation I guess with both her parents being a twin then it's an even higher chance

    But yeah, it's good that you looking forward to it
  9. Oh wow.

    So when do you think you'll tell your family what's going on? How do you think they'll react?

    It's good that her mom is being helpful
  10. Oh wow. I'm not really up on my knowledge of that part of girls... "cycles", but is there any other reasons why she would be late?

    Sorry for the late reply BTW, I keep forgetting this damn thing doesn't tell us if we have a message.
  11. Ah right I see lol
  12. Oh wow... hmmm, well good luck with that... situation

    So you're getting a new place? Is it close to where you live now?
  13. Yo! Yeah man, seems like ages. Everything's ok. Pretty much the same as usual I guess

    How's everything with you?
  14. Yeah me neither. It's like they tried to make it really modern and made it look like crap in the process.

    It's all so annoying to navigate through >_>
  15. Yep

    And sorry for the late reply, it doesn't seem to let us know when we have a new message >_>
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