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  1. Hey Adam, just wanted to thank you for including my post in that "ps3 turns 5 article". Really appreciate that!
  2. Thanks for the idea. We are all engrossed with the PSN crisis, so when things slow down we'll definitely do some reflection like that. Thanks Thorzilla!
  3. IDEA: How about you guys do a little article on the biggest gaming industry flops ever (such as the PSN security being compromised, etc)?
  4. any chance you could run an article on the home page promoting the psu member awards ? heres the link to teh master thread (thats all you need to post- its fairly self explanatory in there)
  5. Hi. I just wanted to remind you about the medal of honor contest. I already sent you my address on 12/14 to your email. Today I sent it again. Let me know if you didnt get it. Thanks
  6. This week, I promise (been on vacation and trying to sort out things).
  7. Hey, whatever happened to the Dream Chronicles review thing?
  8. Love the idea. Enjoy the holidays and we'll chat more about it in the new year.
  9. Hi Adam, I swear I'm not a psycho, but I had to come back and mention 1 last the recent "Ghosts of Home" article written by Galvanise I read this..We encourage all of our users to pitch us story ideas for the homepage of PSU.

    *With the release of SOCOM 4 on the horizon, how about a "History in SOCOM" article written by a gamer who has been playing the series since SOCOM 1...*hint hint* me. LOL. I wouldn't let ya'll down. I know my SOCOM. Just throwing it out there. I'll be back in 2 weeks. Leaving for Christmas vacation. Happy Holidays!
  10. The Move is certainly the highlight in this SOCOM, but I just can't see myself using it on a game that I've been playing since 2002 with a Dualshock. I'm pretty sure I speak for most SOCOM vets when I say that not too many of these "creatures of habit" will make the switch to the Move....they'll keep playing with the Dualshock. On the otherhand, newcomers to the game and Move will certainly play with the Move. My prediction however, is that the vets will demolish them with their gameplay and mic bullying forcing them to hate the game. Within 2 months, the Move users will eventually quit playing the game and the Move will become irrelevant towards SOCOM 4. When the Move fades out, the game needs to still be fun and addicting, because the vets using the dual will still be playing (like we still play Confrontation). So in the end, is this Move the right "move" for SOCOM or just a ploy for Zipper and Sony to make more money by attracting anyone who purchased a Move?
  11. We'll see what we can find out, for sure. During my Thanksgiving break, I was talking to some friends in my hometown about the game. They are both huge SOCOM fans, so I've certainly had it on my radar. I really want to see how Move works with it because I personally think we need better software for it - and who knows, maybe 2011 will offer a ton of great games for it. I'll keep you posted.
  12. Hey Adam, just wondering if you guys have anything on SOCOM 4. It seems like Zipper is being very "hush hush" besides their silly podcasts which take way too long to listen to. Anyways, if you dig up anything good let us know...or let me know. As 2011 approaches, SOCOM 4 is starting to really get me excited.
  13. Hey Spotted. Just saw your messege today. Funny, I posted my Non review of Air Assault. Seriously, try out the demo on the PSN, you may like it, espeically if you have time to really master the controls. In some ways, I could see people liking it if they had time on their hands, but I just couldn't get it to work and I needed to move on to bigger games. That happens so rarely, but this is the busy season. About the harrassment issues, man there's not too much we can do about it. Believe it or not, the staff on the homepage side (actually, our admins, too) are professionals and are working very hard to turn this site around. It takes times, and thanks for sticking it out with us!
  14. Hey Adam, love the site keep it up. 2 things. Can you please keep an eye on those kids who are bilittling and basically harrassing other members? I think they come here because there is no "report harrassment" option and they know they can get away with acting like idiots at the cost of someone else. And in reality, their behavior takes away from your writings (which I enjoy reading everyday). Second, can you please do a review on Apache Air Assault? I can't find any reviews and I think it came out today. I am interested but only after a review. Thanks and keep up the good work. If you ever need opinions on military shooters don't be afraid to ask, I own every one of them on the PS3 and play them all extensively.
  15. Hey Everyone! This is my page, Adam Dolge, the US editor for PSU. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I haven't been more active in the forums, but that's all about to change as we strive for world domination!
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