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    Hope I wasn't too rough on you

    I have all those games too mate! Need to game sometime
  2. LOL! U dawg u

    I do have a Vita actually buddy, I am gonna find it and send u one right now But I have only fifa (the first one) Rayman and the sonic racing game.
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    Took your VM virginity

    Do you have a Vita mate? if so you better hit my ass up with a psn request playa!
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About WhatTheDuck
A friendly student of Psychology. Born and raised in Norway. I was brought to this site in anticipation of PS4. I am very impatient so I wanted to get my hands on every bit of information I could manage, to ease the cravings. After countless visits to fanboy-pestered forums I managed to find this place which surprisingly didn't have much of that. And for the first time in my life I was drawn to a forum, and for the first time in my life I became a member. That speaks great volumes of this place, atleast to me.

Since this is a gaming-site, I thought why not give a quick review of my gaming history. It started with Amiga 500. and games like Golden Axe, Super Cars, Speedball, James Bond: licence to kill and etc.

The next years were filled with blowing air into the NES-games more times than it would've taken to fill the Hindenburg. Super Mario, Duck-hunt and a few others were all I had.

Never got the SNES-system, even tho I frequently visited friends who were lucky enough to have it. One of the best systems ever made in my opinion.

Got the ps1 for my b-day in 1994 which was the happiest day of my life, can't begin to write down all the games I had on that. But one game specially stands out, which was MGS.

1997 I opted to get the N64. I had the choice of going on a week-long trip with my class or get the N64. The choice was easy, I became the lucky owner of N64.
Zelda: Ocarina of time, Golden Eye, Smash bros, Mario kart, Mario party, Perfect Dark, and Pokemon stadium was incredible and I still cherish those memories of battles with friends. And as the youngest of 5 brothers, we had this awesome tradition of spending the christmas-holidays battling through various games on N64. As the snow buried the houses here in north having N64 was a lifesaver. Great memories.
Even to thiis day, once in a while I meet up with friends and we play Mario kart and Mario party all day.

In 2001 at my b-day I was surprised with an unpacked ps2 sitting in my livingroom. They weren't expecting me to come home so early so everyone had just not managed the pack it yet. Over the moon I started playing the ps2 with Tekken Tag. Best Tekken ever in my opinion. The years went into LMA manager, Baldurs Gate, and various other games. But the sole passion was PES-series. It's just a shame what has happened to the series these past years, it's a damn shame cos no matter how good FIFA gets they are no where near the pleasure PES brought with it.

In 2006 when PS3 was launched, as a PS-fan I was actually disgusted with the pricing and said to myself that I will not be buying the PS3, but rather go for the X-box.. But I couldn't get myself to do it, it felt weird. But I was fuy commited to not getting PS3. After a few months of my collegue pestering about PES in a NEXT-GEN console I was sold. I waited for my college exam to finish, and since I aced it I went out and bought the PS3 as a treat to myself.
At the time none of my friends had it. Getting COD4 from them at my birthday, and being a person who had never been into online gaming I was hooked, and so were they. I dont know how many days we spent playing that game online and multiplayer.
Eventually everyone of my friends ended up getting the PS3 and COD. THere have been ups and downs with this console, not that many games that have really hooked. PES was F***ED. But for me Uncharted-series was a fresh breeze into my life. MW2 kept me busy. And surprisingly Dead Nation which was given to the masses after the Playstation-store scandal was an amazing game. I do hope it comes with a sequal. And these last moments before PS4 coming my countless hours has gone into Dungeon defenders, surprisingly. And ofcourse GTA 5.

Well that's for now about my gaming history. I know it must've been boring for u to read about it, but for me writing bout all those memories gaming has brought was refreshing.

I love discussing games, well most games. I am not really into PC-gaming or MMORPG's. I do see the appeal but not really my thing. Or japanese RPG's. But football-games, COD-series (yeah I know they are on a low) or other AAA-games I'd gladly discuss, so holla!!!
Football, gaming, photography, chess, movies and etc


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