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    Thanks G, it's nice to be back. It's also nice that other veterans have joined me back here. It's almost like old times, but with better moderators!
    how did you end up with an infraction and Snowhawk only get a warning? Lol. Beyond laughable...
    dead on mate thankz for asking. I am getting my 360 slim on friday and when i get my gamertag back i can redownload all my 84 games and addons and other stuff from my account
    umm no i'm just an average forum poster like yourself. but i have the talent to be a games journalist.

    if the sith would contribute to the article besides just posting it then other people browsing the forums would have a bit more respect for the guy. bligmerk at least writes a paragraph or two about his stance on articles he posts.

    and it wasn't like he was trashing AW, he was just making observations as to why that game has sold lower than expected.
    :). Well that is true. Well same here working my *** off. To get money to buy the 360 slim and also new games that are coming out soon
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