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    Where the hell is everybody?

    Is it me, or is this place getting more and more empty lately?
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    970 GTX obtained.

    I have made the upgrade people. The 660ti has served me well, but it is time to move on. :D The performance gap between the two is HUGE. I am not disappointed. I just need to do a ram upgrade and I am all set.
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    PS Vita Themes coming with FW 3.30 on 10/2/14

    I wish something can be done about those ugly ass bubbles though.
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    PS4 obtained.

    So I finally broke down and Bought a PS4. It was a purchase I felt I needed to get out of the way. I usually hold out for like two years before I get the newer consoles.
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    I will NOT want my Borderlands 2 with my Vita Slim, anyone want it? 3 Available

    I'll take the code off your hands. If you still have it that is. Please say you still have it!
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    Conception 2 comes out Monday

    I've played the demo. I don't think I've ever deleted anything so fast.
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    Say what you will about GameStop

    Yeah, screw waiting for that shit to come in the mail. Gamestop is a five minute walk for me.
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    Vehicles Dissapearing

    Every car I buy and customize, put into the garage disappears at some point. They don't even show up at the impound either. Seriously, What the fuck?!
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    Next Vita Incoming? 4G, HDMI, more

    One step forward, three steps back.
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    Sony gives you $20 for convincing a friend to buy PS Vita - Desperate, or Smart?

    Exactly. I get so tired of hearing about shit we already played in some form or another. I don't want to play another Uncharted, I don't want to play Persona 4 again, I don't want Mortal Kombat again. Until the Vita gets more than a handful of games worth playing, I just don't see any reason in...
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    Sony gives you $20 for convincing a friend to buy PS Vita - Desperate, or Smart?

    Reeks of desperation. It's just a really expensive paperweight at this point. Very few games on it worth playing. Good luck trying to convince someone of buying one with that ridiculous price tag.
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    Do you own a PS Vita?

    Nope. There isn't much of anything on it I want to play. If I bought one now, It'll end up like my PSP. In a box on the top shelf.
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    Latest firmware update sucks i think for online play

    Probably why I keep disconnecting so suddenly as well.
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    Thinking about getting a new video card.

    I'm still using the GTX 260. It's old as shit. I'm not willing to spend more than 300 on a card either. Any ideas on what I should get? My specs are in the sig at the bottom.