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    Destiny 2 is "not in a good place", says analyst

    It deserves to fail don’t get me a wrong it’s a fun game but it should be a destiny 1.5. I just hope devs have learned from 2017 and don’t replay the same mistakes
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    Dragonball z fighterz , Who is getting this beautiful game!!!! ✌️✌️

    Guys just wanted to make a thread where we can discuss the game and add each other. I haven’t seen any threads yet so yeah, who is pumped and if you are getting it add me psn: loopoiuu
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    Top 10 best selling PSN games in US/EU

    GTA v will never drop in price lol I just can’t justify paying for game twice
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    So I finally got to play PS4

    Mate I got a pro and the noise it makes on certain games such as horizon zero dawn is sometimes unbearable. It’s got good airflow but sigh what can you do. Try bloodbourne and nioh. Two great games
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    [OT] Nioh

    Great completed it but not as tough as the dark souls series
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    Thinking of getting a switch

    Damn lol well heres hoping
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    Thinking of getting a switch

    Hey guys just wanted to get some advise thinking of getting one in May my b-day ?. Do you guys think the price will drop by then or at least better bundles?
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    Oh no excessive gaming is now a mental disease, my gosh we're all mental

    Looool I read the article I’m surprised it wasn’t addressed sooner because gaming has always had bad publicity like the violence in certain games. Oh well happy new year everyone ?
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    Gran Turismo Sport

    I got it add me mate psn loopoiuu
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    PS4 Games Release Date List - January 2018

    Dragon ball z fighterz for me ✌️
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    Sony QA process holds back PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PS4 release

    I think Sony did the right move with this one. I mean if the Xbox one x which is way more powerful is playing this game at 10 FPS or less sometimes lol then the PS4 would struggle just as much so I think it’s good to just wait but tbh with all the exclusives out In 2018. It won’t be missed ?
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    Just started playing Bloodborne and damn!!!!!

    Thanks for the tips. I’m using the cleaver atm I need to go and find the axe. I see that used a lot .
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    Just started playing Bloodborne and damn!!!!!

    Guys I know I’m late but I just want to say the game is freaking awesome. I’m new to the dark soul series so I’m finding it a tad bit hard. I played nioh before trying this beast out and I’m thinking of throwing my console out the window lol. Any tips and advise to a newbie will be much...