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    \"The work must be completed in 45 days because people have suffered for so long already," the Bangkok Post quoted Ms Yingluck as saying.She asked for public understanding as the government tackles the disaster, saying: "I admit that this task has really exhausted me, but I will never give up."Ex Boyfriend Backfulvic ionic minerals
    The number of people killed by months of flooding in northern Thailand has risen to more than 500, officials say.Three months of heavy rain have affected about a third of Thailand's province, destroying farmland and forcing tens of thousands from their homes.watch phonedata cleansing tool
    Daniel Ortega has been a leading figure in Nicaraguan politics since he led the Sandinista movement to overthrew dictator Anastasio Somoza in 1979.He ruled Nicaragua for the next 11 years - fighting a civil war against the US-backed Contra rebels - before being voted out of power in 1990.sell websiteBubble Shooter
    He has presided over a period of economic growth, but has been criticised over a Supreme Court ruling allowing him to stand for a third term.A tense climate prevailed ahead of the vote, with clashes between supporters of the two main parties.regulatory consultants brisbaneobesitasseo Northern IrelandHigh Risk Merchant
    Voting is under way in Nicaragua to elect a president and representatives to the national parliament.Opinion polls suggest President Daniel Ortega, of the left-wing Sandinista party, will easily win re-election.hens nightsuperfoods
    The trailer thread slowed down quite a bit, so I went ahead and merged them.
    Yeah, we'll let it run its course, then I'll merge it.

    We should try to keep everything in the official thread, but for something as significant as a 7-minute trailer, we should probably make a separate thread at first.
    I guess that's the problem, mate. I have the new Windows Live Messenger 2011, so I guess there's a compatibility issue between the old and new ones. =(
    Hello, I couldn't help but send a message upon seeing your avatar. I'm currently playing Ys: Seven and it is awesome. I'm near the end of the game (22 hours) The game just got exciting. The story is meh, but the gameplay is so much fun.
    Yup, already watching Rainbow. I'm just not really following it because I'm waiting for Frostii-Saizen (FroZen) subs to get ahead with subbing. I've watched the first 10 episodes, and it's just amazing. Plus, I know that Bro dies, which really shattered me. I seriously don't know why they keep killing off great characters like that.
    HSOTD is like every man's dream. Gore, blood, tits and a busty teacher who doesn't know whether she's wearing clothes or not.... hehehe =P

    But like I was trying to imply, there isn't much variety this season. I was thinking of getting into Shiki but it's too supernatural for my tastes. Btw, what do you think of Giant Killing? I thought I'll look into it, because of one of my first animes was the original Captain Tsubasa. I think you might have heard about it.
    Sorry for the late reply again, mate. The vacation's quite fun, Aizen.

    I've been watching Highschool of the Dead this season. Also Amagami SS. Both are quite good. What about you, bro?
    Hi Aizen. Sorry for not responding earlier. It's just vacation started, and I just went withe flow. How've you been, dude?
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