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    How's everyone doing?

    I know it's been way to long. But, I thought to drop in to see how you guys are doing. If you guys don't remember. I used to be a Moderator on the forum about a year ago maybe even more. :D
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    I love this girl I found online, but I messed up. Advice?

    I really like this girl I found online but she hates me now, so I need to know how I get her to like me? Here's what happened... Ok so I was browsing through Facebook and I found this amazing girl named Helen who seems close to my age. I didn't know how I could be friends with or even talk to...
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    If you were given a radio station?

    You're given a radio station, and are given 10 songs to put as a playlist. What 10 songs would you chose?
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    Avatar/Signature Request-Justene Jaro-2K SP reward + rep

    Hi guys. It's time for me to change the signature/avatar, and would like to have one of you make one for me. ;) I'd like for the signature to be 500 x 130, and the avatar 120 x 120. Here are the pictures. Don't get to distracted. :) Avatar Signature
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    Crazy Ghetto Hospital Brawl

    YouTube - Crazy ghetto hospital brawl Lulz :lol:
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    Why tattoos are a bad idea

    Some people thought it would be a good idea to put Obama as a tattoo on there body. There's too many pictures to be post. If anybody would like to post them. Be my guest. Link:
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    Were you spanked when you were a kid?

    Back in the day when most of you were kids. When you got in trouble did any of you get spanked, hit with a belt, or punched. I was hit with a belt, and spanked. I'd tried to put magazines in my pants so it wouldn't hurt as bad. :lol:
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    What NOT to do when talking to women

    niceguy2322: How are YOU feeling? typicalgirl623: oh oaky. typicalgirl623: uhh,, idk> niceguy2322: XD typicalgirl623: bored. tired. lonely. typicalgirl623: haa. niceguy2322: I know how that feels =/ typicalgirl623: which one? niceguy2322: Lonely lol typicalgirl623: why lol? niceguy2322: Idk...
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    You walk into your kitchen.

    Now it's late at night, and your thirsty. You walk into your kitchen to get something to drink, and you walk in, and this pops up. What is your first reaction, and what do you do? I would seriously poop my pants and run out my house. :pale
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    Almost got robbed in front of my house!!

    I was walking home listening to my ipod, and this guy tried to rob me of my ipod in front of my house. Gladly, he thought otherwise, and walked away. My brother called the cops, but I doubt they'll come over. I am slightly scared that this guy knows where I live. Any advice?
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    27 up, 27 down Mark Buehrle throws perfect game against Rays

    I am happy to see this happened. I was watching since the 5th inning. The catch from Wise was amazing. Ozzie made a good move bringing him in. Link:
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    Wanna be a hooker?

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    Oscar Mayer has passed

    I remember the commercials where the kids would sing the Oscar Mayer song. RIP. Link:
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    I bet no one has higher standards than this guy

    I was shocked on how much time this guy put into this website. I mean why not go outside to find this "goddness" My standards towards women is no where near to this guy. If any of you have higher standards than him. Good luck finding the "one". I am telling you. It's a very very very long read...
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    You're thrown in jail next to this guy

    And he's waiting for you to drop the soap. What do you do? I would say I have HIV. Either that or cry. :cry: