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    Ragnarok Odyssey drops onto Vita October 30th

    Monster Hunter is a totally different experience. The only similarity is the idea of grouping up to beat a gigantic monster. Going solo is as addictive as the multiplayer. Please know that, everyone.
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    PlayStation Vita weekly sales flagging in Europe, less than half 3DS

    A problem I face, but not sure if it contributed to its low sales, is the restrictions of having one account on the Vita. The Middle East did not have a PSN, so on my PS3 I had made a NA and EU accounts to be able to access the PSNs, and make games purchases. But I was able to play them in my...
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    Twin PS Vitas...

    Adorable! Wish you all the best.
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    -Dokuro- PS Vita hidden gem?

    If I import it, it would take no less than two to three weeks for its delivery. Somebody said it should release in the EU store before 2013? Is that official?
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    Ragnarok Odyssey drops onto Vita October 30th

    Yes. I'm going to trade it with something else. I've decided that I will trade it either with Harvest Moon: ANB, or Professor Layton: TMM or Okami HD.
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    Ragnarok Odyssey drops onto Vita October 30th

    Got this game and spent last night playing it with a friend of mine. It sucks. The game is a mixture of Monster Hunter, plus Phantasy Star, plus Gods Eater Burst, plus Lord Arcana. The result is a patched up work that has zero originality. The card system is boring and isn't as immerse as...
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    -Dokuro- PS Vita hidden gem?

    I thought this was download-only?
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    -Dokuro- PS Vita hidden gem?

    Will this ever get an EU release?
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    Gravity Rush Official Discussion Thread

    Just completed the game. It was fun alright, but there are few downsides. Story only really picked up in the last few chapters and many questions were left unanswered in the end. The world feels really empty. Yes, it is vast and fun to explore, but what for? Crystals are your only goal in this...
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    Black gadgets > white gadgets.
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    -Dokuro- PS Vita hidden gem?

    I very much like the art style! Unique with classic-vibe to it. I'll make sure to grab a copy.
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    Demon Gaze

    I'm getting tired of the Moe art style. It was cool at first. Not only it is boring now, I seem to be unable to differentiate; they all look the same! So no thanks.
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    Vita Question

    I see. Thanks for the clarifications. :) Will rep+ you as soon as I get on my laptop.