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    Petition: Implement Keyboard and Mouse support into ps3 games
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    Any BMX/Bike game?

    Skateboarding is just boring, is there one? Skate devs should make one.
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    Anyone used it before? success stories?
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    200sp + rep: help me get creator trophies

    I need 30 people to heart my 6 levelsby me: aptget and heart me as a creator. I will give everyone who does it 200sp + rep for this. comment your psu username after you beat the level. rate 5 stars too please. Thanks everyone
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    change psn name???

    is there anyway to do this? i hear they ccan change them
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    Gold Trophies

    Which games have the most gold trophies? I know terminator has 12 but what others have a lot?
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    warhawk help

    im trying to get trophy for having a full clan. can some people join my clan. ill help others get achievment too! leave psn name and ill invite you!
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    free stuff

    once has 70 followers. only 6 to go!
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    so i made a clan for myself and a couple friends who are getting a ps3 next week. i stupidly signed up for a 1v1 tournament on the 5th while im out of town. does anyone want to join the clan and play in the tournament?
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    Easiest Games to Plat (poll)

    Post what you want in the poll if its not already there and i will add it.
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    Official: Sony debunks FW3.0 rumors Added quote tags to the article & provided the link, something that should be done when posting articles from other sites. ~ Lethalmind
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    Private Bittorrent Trackers

    Are you a member of any, if so then which ones?
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    FS: Windosill Game Activations

    I have 8 extra Windosill activations. Make offers. SP?
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    Report User

    I got scammed out of 2 icons here. there should be somewhere to report him
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    White PS3 Controller - $35 + FREE SHIPPING an offer of $34.99 is automatically accepted. When i recieve mine in a couple weeks I'll post here! IT'S CHEAPER THAN THE BLACK ONES HERE!