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    PSN Name Changes Are Coming

    Yeah it’s not really worth it for me. Not that I have a ton of trophies or anything but still, I like my name just fine
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    Got trophies for a game ive never played, and it says im playing games i dont own???

    Okay, so im looking at my PS4 right now. Definately not stolen. However, i recieved a trophy on my account for a game ive never played, and im showing records for playing both Fifa 15 and Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare. 2 games ive never even watched a friend play. The trophy was from Rocket...
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    Playstation Event question

    So i was just thinking about the rest of the game conferences for 2015. I thought i remembered Sont announcing they were doing a playstation event again later on in the year, but i cant seem to find anything about that. Anyone have any idea if this is real or am i just imagining things?
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    Whos abandoning their November Release dates?

    Fallout 4 is coming out November 10'th 2015. What November games are getting the the hell out of its way?
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    Mass Effect Collection?

    What do you guys think the odds are of seeing a Mass Effect HD collection on PS3 and XBOne this E3? They already announced the Uncharted Trilogy, which im excited for. Gives me a great reason to go back and replay those games, get some more trophies, and have some good old fashioned laughs with...
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    Little too late? Vita just got abit more powerful...

    I understand that, and yeah youtube via the browser works okay. but i run into lengthy videos that it just wont play. Like if i want to watch Podcast Beyond, it just loads. i wanted to see how long it would load today. I loaded the video with the vita on my charger, and i came back to check it 6...
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    Little too late? Vita just got abit more powerful...

    probably a little late. i havent played my vita in months. all i use it for is watching youtube in bed. now i cant even use the youtube app
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    MLB 15 The Show trophy question

    Ok so i picked up the show earlier this week and just started playing it today. So theres a few trophies in there that i think i shouldve gotten but didnt. I did all these things playing as my Road To the Show character from MLB 14. Strike out 15 batters in a game playing as the pitcher...
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    Anyone else having issues with Far Cry 4 Co-op?

    So i only have about 4 or 5 trophies left in Far Cry 4, most of which are the Co-op ones. However, i cant seem to get ANY kind of online activity working for Far Cry 4 for the last week or so. Every time i log in i get that error message that says the Far Cry 4 Service is Unreachable. Please try...
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    Sony dropping Maps & YouTube for Vita.

    seriously all i use my vita for nowadays is to watch youtube videos while im lying in bed before i go to sleep so i dont kill the battery on my phone. Granted, i figured the Vita was dead in the water about a year ago, but come on really?
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    Dragon Age Inquisition freezing during conversations

    So ive played roughly about 30 hours into DAI, and i just noticed an issue once you meet up with a former DA2 character and it heads into a cut scene where they ask you something, and then the game doesnt load up the dialog wheel like its supposed to, i mashed all the buttons on my controller...
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    Sony to refund Vita customers in the US...

    they can just add it as credit to my PSN account, would love to pick up Far Cry 4 for 10 bucks lol
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    Help please? Dragon age 2 freezes at 100% install

    So i just picked up a copy of Dragon Age 2 for a couple bucks, disc is in fine shape, no scratches or blemishes on it, i put it in my PS3, and its stuck the install screen. it says Installing... total progess 100% file progress 100% ive deleted all the data and tried re-installing it and the...
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    Question about future Star Wars games

    So i know that since Disney acquired Star Wars from Lucas they cancelled a crapton of in development games. Did they say anything about future star wars games? Im sure theres one being developed other than the one Bioware (maybe them, not sure?) showed off at E3. I was just reading something...
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    Money spent well (mostly me bragging)

    Ladies and gentlemen, im kind of a car guy, in my free time i enjoy the shit out of playing video games, namely Mass Effect, Diablo 3, and recently Terraria for some reason. Its fun. I recently got one hell of a paycheck, since ive been doing nothing but working for the last 7 weeks. i had a...