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    The smeghead's back!! This place is still a bit quiet it seems....

    The smeghead's back!! This place is still a bit quiet it seems....
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    Have online games become too competitive?

    With the advent of e-sports becoming a thing then competition has certainly ramped up online. Mind you, this is coming from the (above average gamer age) man who hasn't done much online gaming since Driveclub was taking up all my spare time, I'd rather have a great single player experience...
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    PS5 Backwards Compatibility With PS4 Games Looking Likely

    I think that BC is a great feature but as each generation of Playstation has come about BC seems less important throughout the lifecycle. The only PS3 games I actually play now is the odd remaster, with no real hankering for the older titles (apart from MGS IV, love that shit!), but the rose...
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    PSN Name Changes Are Coming

    Could be expensive for the indecisive ones who change their mind multiple times but like others on here; not my problem. Rimmsey's PSN ID will not be changing
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    [OT] Detroit: Become Human

    I completed this one over a weekend (was a quiet weekend!) Overall I found it very good, the story was a little cliché in places and kinda predictable in others but overall progressed at a nice pace. Control wise it followed the QTE-fest that was seen with HR and B:TS but inputs were...
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    Not so long to go in a galaxy far far away: Elite Dangerous

    Set the stardate in your calenders, on 27 June this game finally comes to the PS4! Can't wait for this one, played it on my laptop a bit as I'm old enough to remember the original on BBC Micro (if that's not showing my age I'm not sure what will! ) :eek: The PS4 version comes complete with the...
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    12 Deals of Christmas (UK PS Store)

    Well troops, it's that time of year again. Silly season, Santa's birthday etc. Last year's offerings were pretty disappointing so hopefully this year's will be better! I think Sony may owe something after a rather lackluster (disclaimer: personal opinion only) PS Plus this month. So, without...
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    Early adopter first impressions and Driveclub VR

    Mmmmmm. ...shiny new toy! I leapt head first into the VR ecosystem without even a try before you buy mentality. Setup of the VR headset was easy enough, just get used to a lot of wires! I won't elaborate on this as the setup guide is very simple. Once on my first go was with the included demo...
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    Well....this was unexpected.

    Really enjoyed this game on PS3 - the style of gameplay really suits the Vita too I think Would like to have seen the 'Enemy Within' additions though - or are these included also?
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    Got my 64GB memory card!

    Not as crazy as the fact Sony went with a specific memory card design rather than, for example, micro SD. Call me cynical but it's just another excuse to extort more cash.
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    Did y'all know that you can play the Vita with the DS4?

    Well, every day's a school day. Wasn't aware of that but I'll certainly give it a go, cheers for the heads up @Omar. P.S Please can you stick to 'you all' rather than 'y'all', that just reminds me of Chris Tucker in Rush Hour!
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    Is PS VITA games locked region or free?

    Don't see any reason it wouldn't be, it's just Flash memory and you can always re format it anyway
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    PS Store UK 12 Deals of Christmas

    Greetings PSU buds! Well, silly season is almost upon us again (well let's face it, shops have had Christmas decorations up for at least 2 months now) and that means the PS store have their Christmas promotion on again. I did pretty well out of this last year, bagging Metro Redux, Alien...
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    [WINNER] PSU Forums PS4 Game of the Year!

    Greeting fellow forum dwellers! Well, it's getting near the end of the year and I think pretty much everyone will agree that the PS4 has had a pretty damn fine year for games and is nicely hitting it's stride now. Soon enough various corporate bodies and websites will be announcing their...
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    Before anyone asks about the title my space bar isn't broken! I happened upon an advert for this website on Facetube, it offers digital games for £25, new releases etc. My spider sense started tingling at this point, the premise is they send you a game attached to a PSN account; log in download...