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    Everyone should get God Of War!

    Think about it though. HE couldn't have just stabbed himself, threw himself off a cliff, swim to Nordic land then meet a hotty and have a kid. There has to be some more inbetween
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    Thinking of getting a switch

    I just got one and so far I love it. I now sit with what I shall call the Holy Trinity. PC, PS4 Pro, and Switch. Having a blast with Mario kart 8 and Zelda Breath of the Wild.
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    Your Computer?

    negative. It was just a list of my PC parts. I couldn't post in another thread about what monitor I use either. If I type more than one paragraph it seems to give me the error
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    Your Computer?

    I tried to post my spec list but the forums keeps saying something is wrong with my posts. I don't understand.
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    God of War is PS4's next big tech showcase

    I'm so excited for this!
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    TV or Monitor for PS4?

    I'm using the LG ud99W Its a 32 inch 4k HDR monitor with PBP. relatively low response and input lag. Needed a monitor for both PC and ps4 pro and this one has been perfect.