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    Sony to refund Vita customers in the US...

    Was the Vita even out before June 2012 in the UK? I bought my Vita pretty soon after release and that was around October 2012.
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    Vitas OS, now doesn't this look so much better?

    The bubbles work very well but they aren't very stylish and I think it would be an excellent idea to change the OS to one similar to the PS4, if not for functionality then at least to make the two products feel similar for the users.
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    Real Boxing Punches Its Way On To Vita

    Shameful thread title. :D
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    Upgrading PS Vita Memory Card

    I have a 32gb card and it hasn't got much space left.
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    Should Sony leave the handhelds to Nintendo?

    No, should they hell. I know quite a few people with a DS and none of them ever touch it. I, on the other hand, had a PSP and played the death out of it. I even wore it out and needed to get a replacement one. I had another friend who did the same. The PSP had a bit of shovelware but nowhere...
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    Adding hotmail to your Vita email app

    I have an outlook account. I'm confused by all this email talk. What is POP and what do you mean the mail won't be synced across my phone etc. :s
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    Vita PS+ Store items NOW AVAILABLE

    Not available for UKers yet. :(
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    PlayStation Vita weekly sales flagging in Europe, less than half 3DS

    I don't get people who compare the Vita/PSP to phones like the Galaxy or the iPhone. The games on these phones are pathetic compared to Vita games. Yes they have improved since the days of Snake but they're still a long way off the quality of Vita games.
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    3G PS Vita + 8gb memory card for just $179.99!!!

    That would cost about £300 ($480) here!
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    PlayStation Vita weekly sales flagging in Europe, less than half 3DS

    Seriously how did Sony manage to sell so many PS1s and PS2s? Nowadays they seem completely incapable of selling anything. I can't recall ever seeing a Vita advert. When I told people I know that I'd bought one, they asked "what's a Vita?" Can you imagine someone asking "what's a DS?"
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    Just got a Vita and I need some recommendations :D

    I have five games for my Vita and would recommend them all: LBP Vita ModNation Racers: Road Trip Mortal Kombat Resistance: Burning Skies Uncharted: Golden Abyss
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    'Most Wanted' on Vita is a 30-frames-per-second wonder (Pics/video)

    Really don't know what to get this for. Vita or PS3. Is it possible to transfer one save file to the other console with this?
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    Activision confirms no zombies in Black Ops: Declassified

    What they mean is "We're lazy bastards and could only be bothered developing a half-assed game."
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    Your thoughts on 3rd Party Memory stick Possibilities?

    I have an 8GB in mine and which I filled within 1 hour of getting the system. I have a 32GB card on the way. The prices are extortionate. People love the fact that you can put any HDD in the PS3, why didn't they allow the same for the Vita? Or atleast lower the prices. I paid £54 for my card...
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    PS Vita price drop questions

    I can't see them bringing out a slim model for a good few years.