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    BREAKING NEWS: Xbox One X to outsell PS4 Pro

    Well Xbox One has sold more than the original Xbox but probably won't do 360 numbers. Well for next generation it depends if Microsoft team can produce really good quality exclusives is the key and variety of games which they lacked for a long time. Microsoft will always struggle with Asia...
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    *Exclusive* Playstation 5: What to Expect From Sony's Next-Gen PlayStation.

    Yup and the same case scenario with PS2 Slim as well as the PS3 Slim with more GB storage. Yeah on my end there's still a lot of games I need to catch up on this generation.
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    Legend of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel 3 coming west

    Yeah recently it's been delayed until October. Looking forward to buying it I played it in JP and I thought it was really good. That's alright there's still a lot of games I need to play and buy.
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    Official "I Won't Be Around For A While" Topic

    Hey bud I hope your enjoying Tales of Symphonia! Actually im just got Vesperia the Definitive Edition recently as well as Ni No Kuni 2. I played the original Vesperia years ago and now that I played Berseria recently too. Personally it's hard to decide my favorite because they are all good in...
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    Have online games become too competitive?

    Yeah I remember back in the PS3 generation I felt like everything was turning into more multiplayer online games. I don't have a desire to be better than someone or someone else I play prefer single player games and I always have but I don't mind a good co-op experience. Many games I believe...
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    Sources: Call of Duty 2020 in upheaval as Treyarch takes over, plans Black Ops 5

    I can't even remember the last Call of Duty i even played. Same goes for Battlefield series.
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    Sony and Microsoft agreement

    Well for the games and the cloud side of things they are working on the technology side of things on both ends. Doesn't mean they were will do vice versa with PS Now coming to Xbox or Xbox Game Pass coming to Playstation. But with this Californian management im unsure what will happen but I...
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    Sony and Microsoft agreement

    Well for the time being. I enjoyed the ps2 days when i felt the consoles games were so different from each other. Several consoles having the same games im not a fan of the idea. I like games that give a reason to buy a console for like normal xbox had more pc like games etc. Developers felt...
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    Sony and Microsoft agreement

    Yeah personally im not for cloud streaming these companies want to destroy physical copies of our games and want complete control of it all despite google joining the market the move is surprising but it makes sense they all want to create a Netflix of gaming. Things are not looking good for the...
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    *Exclusive* Playstation 5: What to Expect From Sony's Next-Gen PlayStation.

    Exactly that as well as more games or the console price being cheaper than what it is at launch.
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    Days Gone is not doing so well (72% Metascore based on 96 critics)

    Honestly i'd rather them to make another Syphon Filter game than this. Days Gone just didn't look the game that appealed to me.
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    *Exclusive* Playstation 5: What to Expect From Sony's Next-Gen PlayStation.

    Yeah its backwards compatible with more than just PS4 games i'll be interested but I will take the wait and see approach. Like with PS4 I waited 2 years i'd likely do the same with PS5.
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    New Sakura Wars/Taisen for PS4

    Yeah im hoping it turns out well I like the setting of Bleach and the lore but the plot is poor especially later on. Yeah i heard 3 was really good. Yeah i hope it doesnt flop but we will find out if its any good with the Japan version of the game releasing early. I was impressed with what i...
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    New Sakura Wars/Taisen for PS4

    Well it looks good and the hopefully the project is in good hands. Fujushima was the old artist and it's interesting they got the Bleach artist for character designs. Yeah it seems like got some old staff overseeing the project.