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    Cargo - A zombie short film finalist

    I feel this a must see for any zombie fan. Even you aren't i would give this a watch.
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    The Avengers (Power Rangers Style!)

    I thought this was actually good and well done, so i figured i would share.
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    Kid icarus and Mario kart 7

    I have had the 3ds for a week now and i finished ocarina of time so i am going to be playing mario kart 7 and kid icarus a lot more now. Looking for people that have either game. If you do let me know and give me your friend code. Mines btw 4167-5416-8082
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    Megacon - My first convention

    Well tomorrow i will be going to my first convention(it's in florida for those who don't know) kinda of excited. I may get to meet and get a couple of autographs from people like stan lee, tom felton, brent spiner, chistopher sabat and more. Wanted to go as someone but couldn't decide and didn't...
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    PS Vita won't let you use web browser while gaming

    Not a big deal i just use my laptop for everything anyway.
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    Vita Games on PSN to be 40% Less than Retail?

    This is great, it is what it should been all along. Don't like seeing a digital game the same price or more as a physical copy after say it would cost less.
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    bleach soul resurreccion

    I was wondering how many of you bought the game, what did you think of it and could it have been any better. I plan on getting the game one of these days so i wanted to hear some opinions on the game. From what i seen of the game it looks great and some of the complaints for the game aren't too...
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    PSV Battery Life: 3-5 Hours

    Pretty much the same as it is for psp so it is great battery life is great.
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    Amazing AR.

    That is awesome i am really impressed at what i saw. I can't wait to see what they are able to do i can already see some amazing stuff being done.
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    Ar Tonelico Qoga

    Well i got the game yesterday but didn't get to play the game until today. Almost got hit with some rain on the way home from gamestop(i was riding a bike). Just passed the part where you fight Mute for the 1st time. I was cracking up when i saw her, didn't really expect for a manly looking...
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    High NGP Pricing Hinted at By Jack Tretton?

    I hope it is $250 when released
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    More original IPs and less console-to-handheld ported titles, please...

    I hope that their are new original IPs just going to have to wait and see.
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    2 day gold

    I was wondering if anyone would be kind and give me a 2 day live code if they don't need it.
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    Help Picking a Rpg

    Well i will be getting some money soon and i plan on getting a Rpg. I have picked 3 that i want to get but i can only chose 1. These are the 3 that i have in mind, 1)Ar Tonelico Qoga, 2)Atelier Rorona and 3)Hyperdimension Neptunia. I leaning more towards hyperdimension but the other 2 look good...
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    Playstation Portable 2 - Will you buy one?

    I definitely will be getting a psp2 not sure when i will get one