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    FIFA 15 Demo

    I only see the PS3 demo on the store. No PS4 version. Anyone hear anything?
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    Is there a place we are putting our SHAREfactory videos??? I made my first one yesterday and wanted to share with you guys. I'm still a FIFA newb. I got the game just a month ago.
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    Is there a PSU clan?

    Is there a PSU clan that us PSU bro's can join? If not will anyone be creating one? I think it'd be cool since we always talk on here, we could have a clan and take over the galaxy
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    MLB The Show 14

    Just picked it up on my lunch break. I had enough time to create my player on Road to the Show mode. The intro is just awesome. I loved it. Anyone else started playing this already?
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    MLB The Show trailer

    Saw this on Playstation's facebook a minute ago. Almost time!!!! Cant wait!!!!!!
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    New Wolfenstein trailer looks cool

    I wasn't very interested in this game before, but this new trailer seems like it may be pretty cool. What do you guys think?
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    Playstation Now Beta

    Anyone else get this email from Sony? You are invited to participate in the PlayStation™Now Private Beta! Congratulations, you have been selected to become one of the first gamers to participate in the PlayStation™Now Private Beta! PlayStation Now is an exciting new game...
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    Infamous Second Son; Who got it already?

    Did anyone go to pick it up at midnight? How is it? Do you Looooovee it??? i'm stuck at work until 530 so won't be able to play until then. I want to live through those who are playing it, NOW! maybe i've had too much coffee this morning.... :o
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    Assassins Creed Freedom Cry

    Anyone only play Freedom Cry and not AC4 Black Flag? I haven't played or own Black Flag. Been waiting for the price to drop a little more. Was wondering if anyone out there is in the same boat. For those who have played Freedom Cry, how do you like it???
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    NBA2K14 problem

    This is a digital copy for my PS4. First time this issue happened was Tuesday. I selected to play NBA2K14, I get the Lebron picture, I get the screen that shows all the teams, right after that, when you're supposed to hear the music start playing for the intro video, it just stays on the...
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    PlayStation Now (PS Now) Very excited for this...
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    Playstation App

    Anyone know if they'll be making it for iPad also? Looks kinda funny using the iPhone version on my air
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    so i got Killzone SF for xmas...

    its awesome! i love it so far. i believe i'm in chapter 4. i really like how there isn't a mini map showing you exactly where to go. the graphics and colors are amazing. i regret getting cod ghost at launch instead of this. happy holidays ya'll
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    I haven't played a FIFA game in YEARS. And my soccer play calling skills and IQ isn't the highest. I played at Target today on the PS4 (which I have, with ghosts and NBA2K) and holy shit! The graphics and game were awesome! My question is, for those of you playing FIFA, how are you liking...
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    how many games do you have downloaded on your PS4's hardrive?

    and how much space do you have left with the original HD? i have, contrast, resogun, blacklight, warframe and nba2k14. thinking of taking advantage of the amazon $49 sale for killzone SF.