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    Crackdown 3 Review Thread

    What happened to the power of the cloud? I mean most people realized it was over hyped, but man it was complete BS... They first told us that your xbox dont have to be upgraded as often because of cloud. Then, told us that you can do amazing stuff with games. Those were complete lies...
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    Async Shaders: Why it is big deal for PS4 and future of gaming. Some neat information on Async Shaders and console adaptation of it. Currently, Async Engines are just getting developed in Mantle, DX12 and Vulkan, but some PS4 games already use it. It is hard to tell how well or developed those Async engines are...
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    Any News on this Ex-Sony game that had CLOUD PHYSICS!?!

    lol. JK on cloud physics... but it did have server based physics which is fairly* new on MMO. It really has action RPG and MMO feel which I both love. after it got sold off, do they still have plan for...
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    Playstation Vue Beta and Plex Rolling Out Apparently some NYC resident are in beta now. There was video of beta working pretty smooth, but cant find it... So yea. IPTV is coming to PS. Kind of...
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    PSX Review Thread. NO BS PR from Sony.

    I just want to acknowledge the fact that Sony went out of their way to clarify and not bs with their messaging. For timed exclusive contents, they called it timed. They noted timed exclusive. For games coming to PC, they cleared that up. Called it console exclusive instead of just calling it...
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    [Update: SaGa 2015] Square Enix to reveal new console RPG in December

    I think they are basically doing what David Jaffe is doing. Purposely confusing people and raising hype. More people talk about it = more attention. Usually Sony over hype before weak announcements and under hype before big announcement, so I will be cautious. Seriously, for Sony sake, I hope...
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    [Update: SaGa 2015] Square Enix to reveal new console RPG in December

    Square Enix would have to prove themselves to me. TBH. I got hyped too much for their games just to be disappointed..
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    Sony plans PSN server upgrades and more
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    Dragon Age Inquisition. Great Game, but Average RPG?

    is it me or does Dragon Age Inquisition seem like lacking RPG flexibility greatly compared to DA:O. I have multiple warriors and they are basically identical... I am sure specialization will diversify little bit, but still... nothing like DA:O. It would be cool to let them wear anything...
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    Where Are Kinect Games? News? Announcements?

    Instead of Wii balance my ma asked for, I am buying her Xbox One kinect. My brother was asking for PS4 or X1 anyways. Trouble is I cant find much about Kinect games. What games coming in 2015 and such... Or is MS dropping support for Kinect? I can technically just buy Xbox 360 Kinect. Yea...
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    Ubisoft Stocks Drops hard after Assasins Creed Unity Launch
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    Halo 5 Footage Leaked. Halo 5 Leak Shows Aim Down Sight and Sprint, Fans Voice Outrage
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    COD: Advanced Warfare Resolution Confirmed. It is 1360X1080 at 60 fps. Edit It is confirmed to be "dynamic resolution" meaning it can change to 1080P too.
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    Eurogamer DF: COD AW 900P and more An upgrade from 882P to 900P it seems.
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    So.... where is this free or demo DriveClub?

    I see that PSN plus is updated. Driveclub is up for sale. but where is the PSN plus or demo edition? Am i missing something? Edit uhhh.. wtf, Sony...DC Plus Edition is not up. no update or anything?