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    Super Stardust Delta 3G Launch Bundle HELP!

    Hey guys, I kind of feel like an idiot typing this, but I just got the 3G launch bundle vita today (The one that comes with the 8 GB Memory card, Super Stardust Delta, and the free month of service). I brought it home, opened it up, and then had to leave to go to dinner. I ordered my first...
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    Tier 2 Tactical Clan (BF3)- Now Recruiting!

    We are Tier 2 Tactical! We are a new clan, recently formed in May 2011. We Focus on Battlefield 3 (For the PS3). We are not a serious clan, we are very casual. We do not look to try and be the best, only try to have fun. Although, before i go any further, the majority of our clan members are...
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    Questions about preordering the PS Vita

    im going to pre-order mine with my christmas money. This is going to be the first system i will have ever pre-ordered. Im pretty sure its just like a game. You pay some money, then you are guaranteed the system when it comes out. Im pretty sure that once you start paying more money on your...
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    Looking for Bad Company 2 Clan

    Hey guys, im looking for a clan for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Let me know if you have one i can join.
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    Just a Suggestion

    It would be nice if there was a Socom 4 Subforum under the ps3 games section. Killzone 3 has one so i don't see why socom shouldnt.
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    PSN Down Again?!?!?! [Back up]

    Hey guys I was just playing online on socom 4. I had to go mow the grass, which took about 2 hours. As soon as i was done i went back to my ps3 thinking i was going to play Socom 4 online again. As soon as I tried to log in, it gave me the error code again. Was sony attacked again??
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    Looking for a good socom 4 clan!

    Hey guys, Now that PSN's back online, i was just wondering if anyone had a clan i could join in socom 4. Im fairly good. I haven't played online much since i've only been able to since like 2 hours ago. Lol. I'm also willing to make a clan if anyone else needs one.
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    High-res photos of Sony's NGP, snapped at GDC

    depending on the price, i should get it day one.
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    Carrying Your NGP

    It'll fit in my pockets when i wear my shorts, i button pockets on the side that are really big. When im wearing jeans....not so much. Usually what i do with my dsi when im wearing jeans is just carry it around.
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    NGP camera features detailed? (use the Sun to illuminate the dark in Uncharted)

    i really hope this is optional, this means you couldn't play uncharted in the bed at night. lol.
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    Rumor: NGP to be called PS Vita, will launch with Uncharted: Golden Abyss

    Playstation in all seriousness...psp 2 sounds fine with me.