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    Wallpaper Sites

    What websites do you guys go to for your wallpaper needs? I reformatted my computer recently and in doing so, all my bookmarked sites have been wiped away too. Anyone who gives me sites where I actually use their wallpaper will receive +rep. My monitor resolution is 1900X1200, so I'll be using...
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    24" Monitors!!!!!

    Hey guys, I'll be purchasing a 24" monitor very soon for my computer and PS3. Right now I'm looking at getting the Benq G2400WD. Just wondering if any of you use a 24" monitor for your PS3 and or computer. If so what do you have and are you satisified with it?
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    Scrunch or Fold?

    It's simple, after you've taken a dump or if you're a female, done number one or two, do you scrunch or fold the toilet paper? If you fold, how many times do you do it? As for me, I'm a folder, and do so on average two to three times :snicker. Edit: Can a mod/smc add a poll.
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    FFXIII Sig+Avy Request, All my SP+Rep

    Hey guys, I think I'm due for a new sig+avy since I not using any at the moment. So, size 500x120 for the sig please (which I think the limit is). Use any one picture from below to make my sig and any one picture from below to make my avy as well. No specific request, just use your imagination...
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    I just recently started watching Gossip Girl and can't believe that I'm actually quite into it now. Anyone else here watch this teenage drama?
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    NEW Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Screens

    Who's looking forward to Mercenaries 2: World in Flames? Source
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    AU: Saints Row 2 - Special Editions Unveiled

    Exclusive goodies for Australia and New Zealand. Source
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    Cities XL First Look

    Monte Cristo's upcoming urban simulator looks to push the genre in new and exciting ways. Source
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    AU: eGames Expo Details

    Wow, this is so lame for me. This event falls right in the middle of my exams so I definitely cannot go -_-. Source
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    Left 4 Dead Delayed .

    Now coming in late November
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    Fall Videogame Preview: Players Wanted

    We examine the heroes and villains that will define the gaming market this season. Source
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    Starcraft II Gameplay

    GC 2008: Crystals Gameplay (Cam) - Starcraft II - GC 2008: Crystals Gameplay (Cam) Get up close to Zerglings, SCVs, crystals, and Creep. GC 2008: Protoss Prologue Gameplay (Cam) - Starcraft II - GC 2008: Protoss Prologue...
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    GC 2008: Fracture Walkthrough and Gameplay

    GC 2008: Dev Walkthrough - Fracture - GC 2008: Dev Walkthrough Creators showcase the various modes and gameplay. GC 2008: Tectonic Gameplay (Cam) - Fracture - GC 2008: Tectonic Gameplay (Cam) The earth shakes under foot, as the nation divides...
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    GC 2008: Developer Walkthrough Pt. 1 and Pt. 2

    GC 2008: Developer Walkthrough Pt. 1 - Resident Evil 5 - GC 2008: Developer Walkthrough Pt. 1 Take a tour of Resident Evil's Africa, with all the exquisite details covered by a Capcom dev. GC 2008: Developer Walkthrough Pt. 2 - Resident Evil 5 - GC...
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    GC 2008: BioShock Trailer - BioShock - GC 2008: Trailer The underwater thrillride makes its way to the PS3.