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    The Robert Leone Story

    I don't understand how anything can think that he's guilty. Such bullshit. If you guys have a chance to watch this video do it (at least the last 5 min). It is pretty shocking. BTW I am not american and don't really understand the system but why does the state police investigate themselves? Why...
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    Is anything real? Very fascinating video. I know it's a bit long 11:33 but you guys should totally watch it.
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    Space Food History of space food, current food system and how astronauts manage their diet. ------------------------ Semirelated:
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    Massive Explosion in Syrian Capital News on the situation Update thread 1 Update thread 2 Update thread 3 That is just scary as fuck. From the update thread it looks like 300 are dead in 4 bombing areas.
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    Convex or Concave (recessed) optical illusion
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    Who do you write like?

    Click here to analyse
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    A sensational breakthrough: the first bionic hand that can feel Science is so awesome!
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    Fifth-graders admit plot to kill girl who was 'really annoying' That's pretty crazy shit. I wonder how they managed to get it without their parents realizing it.
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    Crazy Russian dash cam vids

    <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="460" height="397"></iframe>
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    Stunning video Setup pictures Website Reddit Thread Apparently most of the places are in California. I need to go there sometime.
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    2012 Firefighter helmet cam montage Really awesome video. Being a firefighter must be so exciting.
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    McGurk Effect! WHICH CRAFT!
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    Really inspirational vid
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    The Food Thread

    Post your recipes here or recipes you tried that turned out really well. ---------------------------------- <tbody> Ingredient Name Unit Quantity chilli powder tbsp 1 coriader powder tsp 1 coriander leaves...
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    Life of Pi

    I went to the see the movie yesterday. The cinematography is absolutely amazing. I haven't read the book so I can't really comment on how it compares. That being said, I think everyone who's even remotely interesting in the film should go see it. It's amazing. The only grip I had with the movie...