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    Need Your Help, PSU! (PSN Help)

    Okay, so this is probably going to be a long post.... So, I used to be pretty active on here a couple years ago, when I first got my PS3. I had done some gamesharing with some members on here a while back. Everything was fine, until my PS3 died late last year. I purchased a Slim, but couldn't...
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    Facebook Mafia Wars

    So I finally started playing it, and I'm pretty addicted. Add me up if you play! Andrew White is the name.
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    Sacred 2 Item Trader Thread

    I wanted to start up a thread about trading items in Sacred 2. I have a bunch of pieces of other classes sets, and I was wanting to complete the Celhadril set. So, post up what you want, what you have for trade, and what level you are! I'm 62 right now, I'll have to look at my other sets...
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    Sony Should Make Trophies For [email protected]

    What do you guys think? I think they should reward those that are Folding. Maybe give a Platinum for 1000 units Folded...
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    Will PSP Ever Have Trophies?

    What do you guys think? If Sony is serious about making trophies a part of their lineup, they should incorporate them into PSP titles. That way you have two different ways to boost your score!
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    I want More 7 Channel Sources!

    I'm kind of bummed out by the lack of 7 channel BDs out. I think I've got two or three total. I don't have a ton of Blu-ray's, but I've got probably close to 20 or so. It's not a huge deal, since my receiver fills the space, but still. It would be nice to have a natural 7 channel source every...
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    Wii Picture Blown Out?

    What's up guys. I just got a Wii for my wife, and we had it hooked up with the composite cables to the TV. I just got component cables, and hooked it up to my receiver. I've had my PS3 hooked up to it for 6 months, and my PSP hooked up to it for 3 or so. Neither one has an over-saturated picture...
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    Kingdom of Paradise PSN Download Freeze

    I don't know how many of you guys have gotten the downloadable version of the game.... I'm enjoying it so far. I'm a few hours into the game right now, and I've hit a game stopping freeze. I'm trying to get back to Eastern Seiryu after getting through the fire place, but it won't let me. Every...
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    PSP To Be The RPG Titan This Generation?

    What do you guys think? Seems like a lot of Japanese developers like the platform in general. There are a lot of RPGs out for it, and a lot more in the pipe. What do you guys think?
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    Getting HD Cable, Quick Question

    What's up guys. My wife and I have been looking at getting HD cable pretty soon. I know my TV (Sony KDS-60A3000) has a built in HD tuner, but the website says we need to rent a separate box for the cable, and another box for the HD as well. Will I really need the HD box if my TV has a tuner in...
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    Onkyo 705 Help (5>7 Channel Help)

    Well, I finally got my rear surround speakers hung and connected. Yay! Anyways, I was wondering how to make a 5 channel sound get matrixed to the rear surround speakers on my Onkyo 705. Right now, a 5.1 sound plays as a 5.1 channel setup. I know it can do post processing and all that jazz, so I...
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    Composite Electrically The Same As Component?

    I was just thinking about this the other day. I want to extend the cord that my PSP uses, so that way I can play my PSP on the TV sitting on my couch. As it is right now, it won't reach. Now what I'm wondering is this. Are component and composite cables essentially the same? They both use RCA...
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    I Think I Got My PS3 Too Early

    Don't get me wrong, I am happy I have my PS3, and didn't mind paying $600 for the 60 gig.... But still, I think I got it too early. I waited for a PS2 until it was $200, and I got a PSone when they went down to $100.... But yeah, I love RPGs, and the lack of them kind of sucks. Still though...
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    Finally Got A PSP Slim!

    Hooray! My PSP is back! As some of you might remember, my PSP took a swim in February, so I've been without this whole time. Well, I sold some stuff on Amazon, and plunked down the money on the Core PSP 2000. I must say it's a pretty nice console now. It feels a little different than the...
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    Using Headset / Microphone With -2000 Model

    Just to make sure, I have to have the little control box that plugs into the PSPs audio jack, and the video out part right? I want to be able to use a mic for games, but I want to make sure I get all the right stuff... Also, the old white control pod thing doesn't work with the -2000 model...