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    I need help from UK people regarding PS Store

    I'm trying to buy Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris. Store says it's £14.99 but reduced to £13.49 for PS+ members(which I am). I put it in my basket and go to the checkout and it shows as being £15.99. I've tried it on my PS4, laptop and phone and it's the same for them all. Is anybody else...
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    Is anything going to be done about the spam bots?!

    You know....the ones constantly clogging up any news on psu? I looked at the new Body Count trailer and there are 3 replies and all are spam bots! Something really needs doing to stop them.
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    Streetfighter 4 arcade sticks(or whatever you wanna call them)

    Which ones are good apart from the official ones? I wanna get one but i'm not a serious player so don't want to fork out load.I know of the hori one and i've also found this one...
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    What headset to use for ps3?

    At the moment i'm using an old jabra headset but I seem to get a lot of static noise on it.It's quite annoying! I'm looking at this at the moment;6;407;-1;82&sku=744781 Anybody used one?Or what would you recommend?
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    New god of war 3 screenshots? There seems to be a couple on this site that I haven't seen before.This one in paticular:
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    How do I change my display setting to HDMI?

    This isn't the usual sort of thing that people ask.I need to know what to press on my control pad to do it. Basically i've been running through the crappy composite cable as it's been on a rubbish bog-standard lcd tv.I've just borrowed a HD ready one,plugged in my HDMI lead but the ps3 isn't...
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    Why don't all games offer install for ps3?

    Some games have mandatory install,some have optional.Why can't devs offer the option to install every game? 2 games i've bought recently -ninja gaiden sigma and SFIV - both had optional installs and it's so much better when a game is installed.Especially fighting games so you aren't waiting for...
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    Banned from live for inappropriate content

    This has just happened to me.Eh?!How the hell can I have inappropriate content?I can't put anything on my xbox that MS doesn't want me to. It's only for a few days but very strange indeed.
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    My opinion of SFIV online.

    If anybody cares that is! First off,i'm in the uk where the game isn't out til tomorrow(thank god for independant shops) so I doubt i'll have faced any uk gamers. All in all i'm impressed.The games I did play there wasn't any noticeable lag.Once a player had joined it took maybe a minute for...
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    Sore losers on SF4

    I've only played it briefly online but the first 2 people I played against were sore losers. Both times they were winning 2-1,I then won a match and they both quit afterwards. I do hope this isn't going to be a trend with the game.People will only play when they're winning. I do like the fact...
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    Why don't blu ray films play full screen?

    Is there a setting to change this? DVD films play full screen yet blu ray ones always play in letterbox form.Which means I then have to zoom with my tv and lose some of the picture.
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    Epic have very poor custormer/community relations

    I got banned from the epic games forum earlier.Why?Because I dared to say the new gears of war 2 update is a load of rubbish.It's solved none of the main problems - lag,the vacuum chainsaw and the annoying smoke grenades. I voiced my opinion and said I thought I had a right to complain after...
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    why is the american ps store so much better than the uk version?

    After getting sick of waiting for SF2 HD mix to come out in europe,I bought it from the american store instead. Their store is much better than ours!More stuff on it,better layout,easier to find things.The one thing I thought that was much better is that they have a section for demo's,we...
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    Where is SF2 HD remix?! [Euro PSN]

    I ask because it seems strange that it we haven't seen it or heard anything about it in other territories since it was released.
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    When is streetfighter 2 hd mix coming out in pal regions?

    It's been out in the us for well over a week now,maybe even 2,and it's also been on xbox live in pal regions for the same amount of time.Yet it's still not available 2 us from the ps store.I won't get it on the 360 as the d-pad is just rubbish. I think this is something sony need to sort out.As...