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    Madara Uchiha Sig Request

    Hi, Is anyone out there willing to make a Madara sig? Only text i would want on there would be "Fox" I have a couple of stocks that could be of use: Or just find a better stock if those...
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    Anime Sig/avy Request 10,000SP (Details inside)

    Hey all. Big anime fan and since i cant fit 4-5 of my favorite characters in one sig i guess i have to settle with one. Im looking for someone talented with sig making to hook me up with a sig of Zoro from "One Piece" or Jiro Mochizuki from "black blood brothers"...
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    Yu Yu Hakusho Sig/Avy Request 4000SP & +Rep

    I need a pro sig/avy that i can stick with for a good while. and what other than to choose my favorite anime of all time? 480 x 120 Yusuke Urameshi sig. Im not going to limit anybody so just do what you think looks best. 4000SP and + Rep to all attempts.
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    Sig&Avy Request 4kSP+Rep to all

    Its for Shino from Naruto Shipuuden I would like a theme of black/green or black/red Or what ever looks best I dont want to limit you so i hope it wont be hard at all to find a good pic to use. Text to be used: Fox or Kira in japanese or if you can you some fancy font. 4000sp and +Rep
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    Anybody With Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

    I haven't heard a lot about it since it came out. How are you guys liking it? Is it what you expected?
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    Naruto: The Broken Bond Demo Impressions

    My God... I thought it could not get any better than naruto ultimate ninja storm but wow. The Graphics are INCREDIBLE I was impressed the combat was way better than I thought. And there are many combos you can do opposed to Nuns 6 combos. And you actually have to perform the jutsu instead of...
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    Help with 1680x1050 Monitor

    I have a PS3 and Xbox 360. Ps3 is HDMI and 360 is component it comes with. My monitors size is 16:10 I have two options I can choose from: 16x9 or Just Scan If I do Just Scan a game is native 720p will it strectch it to 1680x1050 or what?. are games okay with 1680x1050 on just scan(1:1 pixel...
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    PS3 Message Freezing

    I dont know if this is an old problem or what but for some reason when I try to send or reply to a message it freezes and I have to cut the PS3 on and off. What should I do?
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    Cant Decide: Fable 2 or Fallout 3?

    Wow... hard decision I was deciding for Fable 2 but OXM recently gave Fallout 3 A 10/10. But then people say that they are always off on their reviews. And its only 1 review. They both look good as hell. But its just a hard *** decision Fallout 3 Fable2 Which do you think is better and why?
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    I Got COD5 beta Code

    I willing to give it for some SP. I dont have Gold account
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    I need Hidan Sig+1k Sp

    I need a Signature and Avatar of Hidan from Naruto. I will give 1k SP in return. most likely black and red color scheme. maybe black red and gold.
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    I Need Help Deciding

    Between Fallout 3 or Fable 2 They are both going to be good I know it but ... I really cannot decide Can anybody help me?
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    I NEED AVvy aNd SIG

    I want an inuyasha avvy and sig ill give amount of points based on how good it is Min:500 Max:1300 and of course +Rep
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    PS3 And Monitor Please Help

    I want to know the answers to these questions about my Ps3 and a LCD Monitor because i need one because i cant afford a TV right now:DD: 1.Will it look as good as a HDTV would 2.Can I use digital cable to watch tv 3.Can I use a HDMI cable I use for my Samsung LCD TV or HDMI DVI 4.Are Monitors...
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    MGS4 First PS3 Game ..

    WOW About Time Someone Made Use of Blu-Ray disc MGS4 is the first game that uses a full 50GB dual layer Blu-Ray Disc And that means that obviously this Game couldnt Make it To The Xbox even if it tried I did not know...