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    Halo Anniversary Campaign demo Exactly what it says. Thought some might be interested in seeing this. It's a short demo of one of the best levels in the game. They really went out of their way to update this from the looks of it.
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    2 extra Gears 3 beta codes to give away, step up if you want em.

    Hai thure... I have 2 extra codes to give away that were sent to me today. The first two people who can make me lol each get a code. Very simple. Dunno if there is even anyone on here that doesn't have one that wants one but hey it's worth a shot.
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    Reach BETA, Halo 3 render comparison

    Ghost Banshee Needler Splaser Sword Rocket launcher Wraith Shotgun Sniper Pistol BR/DMR Spartan Model I put this comparison together because I figured some might be interested in seeing the renders side by side. Possibly too many pics but I figure most won't click on...
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    Halo Reach reveal at VGA 2009! So there we go, I honestly didn't think they were going to show anything substantial until E3 next year, though technically they usually show an in game trailer by now in the dev cycle. Can't wait to see it in action.
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    360 E73 error, question involving repair

    Hello all, I turned on my 360 today to be greeted by the E73 error which of course isn't covered by warranty. All I want to know is if I tell them it is the RROD over the phone will they actually check or just do their thing and send it back? I would rather not pay them $120 or however much...
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    Backwards compatibility issues

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 120gb HDD for my 360, I upgraded from my 20gb. I didn't have a transfer cable unfortunately so I went through the long painful process of moving the data with my memory card bit by bit. Well recently I felt like playing Halo 2 again just for kicks, I put it in...
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    Wii's wasted potential and The Conduit

    We have all heard 360 and PS3 owners laugh at the Wii's hardware power(among other things). While it is true that it can't keep up with the 2 more powerful systems, why are developers not even trying? YouTube - The Conduit (Wii) HQ Video - Wii MInute Radio Here we have an example of a dev that...
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    Final IGN Gears 2 MP preview/ fantastic new screens Very very positive article, this is the final multiplayer preview IGN is going to do so I though people might be interested, they have new screens as well, quite mind blowing I must say, they totally exceeded my expectations, best game this year...