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    (UPDATE: two new patents!) Sony files patent for wireless PS VR headset

    Which one, by chance? Gotta say, though. It was difficult not to just respond "Sounds like a personal problem." There could be a lot of improvements to VR tech in general, but "I can't stand stuff on my head" is pretty rare. Most people forget it's there until they pull on wires moving or...
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    Astro Bot....

    Loved Robot Rescue, so Astrobot will be great when I can get it. It's on my wishlist.
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    Just bought a used PSVR

    Cool. Glad it worked out for you. I no longer buy anything used that's that expensive (especially electronics). I suppose if I ever bought a car, I'd have to buy used, but that day hasn't come yet and may never. I bought a used PS3, and the person didn't pack it properly, so it bounced around...
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    The Persistence does all it can to help alleviate VR sickness

    Don't get motion sickness, so I can't quite empathize with this, but it's good that games do things to avoid it. More options are always good. Of course, I think most people with motion sickness can cure it by slow exposure.
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    Could we see Dragon Quest VR on PS VR?

    I kind of think Squ'eenix doesn't get VR. Know what I'd love? Mervils-like DQB VR game with optional first person mode that became more like Minecraft. I'd pay good money for that if I had money to pay. EDIT: Sorry, went by the second vid. Didn't realize this was an in-person group thing...
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    Editing posts

    I rely on the edit button because I always forget to I also tend to post my gut feelings about stats and then go check them afterword, so I can post accurate ones. I really rely on the edit button.
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    Sony expects to see a lot of new PS VR game releases this year

    VR will always be at least half a generation behind... Just the nature of it. VR uses more resources. I doubt we'll see 4k VR games, though an upgrade that' s more along the lines of Vive or Oculus Rift CV is possible. Maybe some other upgrades. Also, what happened to my avatar? It used to be a...
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    Dreams will let you build and share your own PS VR games

    Back when LBP1 came out, they didn't quote deliver on their initial promises but LBP was still pretty awesome. LBP2 basically delivered on all the promises they made for LBP1. I expect something similar here. It'll still be great, and people will create lots of amazing stuff for it, but at least...
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    Skyrim VR Skyrim is hitting PSVR. I'm excited. Despite a slow launch, this is a good year for VR fans like me. Farpoint, Bridge Commander, and Skyrim.
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    Ad-based redirect

    I just had an ad redirect me to a purchase page after I clicked "Forum" on the main PSU page. If that was the advertiser's fault, I'd get new advertisers. That's not cool. It's that "Sexy Brutale" ad.
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    Still waiting for Youtube 1.9

    Who has the 1.09 update for youtube on PS4 (that brings PSVR support with 360 videos)? I saw news about it and got really excited, but it still won't download. Still stuck on 1.08. Some even say they're stuck on 1.07. Does anybody here have it?
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    Brought PSVR to a party

    A friend and I brought our PS4s + PSVRs to a party. It was a huge success, except for one girl who got really angry at her fiance for playing and complained loudly "WHY DO BOYS LIKE VIDEO GAMES!?" which made me a bit angry, especially since the sex distribution was pretty even that night, and...
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    My livestream of VirZoom

    Check out this game! It has a bike attachment, so I'm sure I'm not getting the full experience, but this should give you an idea. EDIT: No one? Really? Also, why won't this link turn off? Trying to select the text unlinks everything, not just...
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    First long-ish experience?

    I love the PSVR, but I want to see some LONG games. Maybe a 3rd person (a la bot rescue) Cutesy RPG or something, so it doesn't have to be an expensive game, just long and varied enough to get some time in the game. So far, the longest experience on it is Here They Lie at ~3 hours, unless...
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    Camera / system issue

    My games were working flawlessly for hours, but suddenly, I started getting horrible jerkyness with my camera. I did the image check thing with all my lights out, and all that showed up dark were the headset and the controller. However, I moved my controller, and I noticed the video itself...