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    Call of Duty: modern Warfare 2 Trophy List Can't wait to play this game, I will of course get this Platinum!
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    Texas Cheat 'Em Trophy List

    Source Finally a Texas Hold'em game we can play with trophies!
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    Tomb Raider Underworld confirmed to get trophies by Eidos

    Source I can't wait to get these. I know a lot of people have been waiting for a trophy patch to release in US/EU after Japan got the trophies.
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    Official PS3 Bluetooth Mic Reviews?

    Does anyone have a review of it yet that has it. For people whose PS3 would not work with some Bluetooth mics before, do the games you play now work with the mic when other bluetooth devices wouldn't?
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    Trophy Levels

    I was curious if anyone has been keeping track of how many trophies points you need for every level ( 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 ) or if there is a calculation to figure it out?
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    Anyone else getting lag/slow down?

    When I use multiplayer and go in Pods or load other levels the game slows down and seems to freeze sometimes. I was trying to place decorations in another persons POD and it took 30 seconds of slow down for it to load the Donkey tail. This also happened with a picture I was trying to place...
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    Anyone with Official Playstation Bluetooth Headset review?

    I saw on Amazon that the were released yesterday Playstation 3 Bluetooth Headset: Video Games I was curious if anyone got it as a stand alone and tested it yet to give any comments about it? I am mainly curious if the headset works with all PS3 games that have had the bug where...
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    What external harddrive do YOU use?

    If you use an external harddrive what are you using. Please link to a site with its description to!
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    The fire button? Do you prefer R1 or R2

    I hate when games do not let you choose which button you want to allocate for firing a weapon and throwing a gernade. COD4 allowed you to choose R1 or R2 to fire Battlefield Bad Company and many other games only gave you on choice of R1 It makes me made that developers cannot easily give...
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    Who's Warhawk Trophy Clan can I join?

    I want to join a clan to get the medals (including giving the clan to me and then I will give it directly back), I will also join in helping people get Lone Wolf and Cowboy if you can help me :) And I also want to get the Rivalry trophy also. Add me, my psn is Breakpoint25. Please add me...
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    Anybody able to get into Closed Home forum

    I got the email and installed the beta. But when I click the link to go to the beta tester forums it says I am not part of any beta, but I am playing the beta right now.... Anybody have any hints? I am signed into my account on
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    How to format old PS3 HDD when Windows wont see it

    I bought the Rosewill external harddrive enclosure case and put my old PS3 40gb harddrive into it. I hooked the usb connection to my computer and Windows does not see the external harddrive connected at all. How do I get Windows to see that I have the external harddrive connected so I can...
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    How to clean PS3 Blu ray lens?

    My friends Blu Ray player part of his PS3 60gb play movies with a wierd motion to them like they are going slow. I thin he needs to clean his lens. Anyone ever run into this problem, and have a solution on how to fix it?
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    Tropic Thunder - Great Movie!

    So I orginally thought the movie would be a big flop before it released, until my GF said that a friend of hers really recommanded it. I still doubted her, until I saw how the movie was getting press on CNN about the Special Olympic athletes protesting the movie. So I decided to look up the...
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    Does Rosewell External Harddrive Enclosure work with PS3?

    I found this (Rosewill RX81U-ES-25A 2.5" SATA to USB 2.0 External Enclosure) External Harddrive enclosure case that can fit my PS3 40GB harddrive...