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    Wake up design squad!!!!

    Not much activity in this section more? There are good designers here, so reunite or do something to make it active again. Make an xmas/new year contest or anything
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    Skip 3D glasses.

    Forget about the "stupid" 3D glasses. [/COLOR][/LEFT] Source
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    2 PSP Modnation demo NA codes **CLOSED**

    Since Higgos closed his thread, had to open a new one... Got 2 demo codes for MNR, NA. Type NA in this thread to get it.
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    Free Modnation Racers theme

    Got 2 US psp themes, which is given to the two who enters this thread.
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    Issues with DS

    Got two DSi's both are great at gaming and music, regardless of the weird music format it reads. The things which annoys the hell out of me, is: 1. To play against others you need to play on the .B channel!! 2. No movie players (I know you can hack to do it, but really...) 3. The...
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    AmigaOne X1000

    OMG it is coming! You should go through it, but if you can't wait, check the spoiler. It's going to get expensive, but I WANT IT:D
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    Windows 7 god?

    Not sure if posted already? Tired of not finding everything? Be a Windows 7 god. The only thing you have to do is to create this folder: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} Anywhere.
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    What happens to the SP?

    I had about 700 points and received 1000 from a fellow. Was going to return them back and they were lost? Where did they go? Not in the bank. Not in the Points transaction either. Not much of a problem since the SP is worth nothing, but whats going on with it? And how can this happen...
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    Tired of changing blu-rays?

    Here is the solution. 400 discs with XMB.
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    PS big squares?

    Had PS installed on my old Vista and when I moved an item I could move it smoothly anywhere. After Win 7 is installed the movement goes in big squares... I can't move it by a pixel, but 15 or so? Why and where do I remove this STUPID option?
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    In these swine-flu times.

    We need to play. So while waiting for the infection, why not try to cure it?
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    New upgraded PlayStation®Network Membership service

    Just got this email. 90 days extra... Hmm what happens the 91th day?
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    I know we are members from all around the world here. We use different time zones, is it possible to use a forum time instead of all these different times? Like having a forum clock at the top of page using GMT, DST, EST, UTC or Zulu Time?
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    Wow! I love bacon in every possible forms. And this company producing baconnaise made my day! Got my first shipment from them today including the lite and regular type of the baconnaise. I love them so much, so if you love bacon try it yourself. It's not using pork meat, so it's kinda...
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    Le Tour de France 2009

    Not much of a sports fan myself, but this event I like to watch. It starts today.