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    online - 2-3 players

    hey all, i wanna check if anyone else notices this. anytime i log online, the maximum number of people that play seems to be 3 or 4 in any one game? it seems that as soon as 2 or 3 log into your particular game on the startup screen the game just starts. why doesn't it wait for more people to...
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    MGS - Online

    Hey dude, Is MGS Online Beta open to everyone or only a select few? If it is available how do I get it?
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    GTA Clans..I'm free

    How do I join a clan? I presume I can still play online even when no one else in the group is playing.. Any decent clans want another member??
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    Taxi ride

    Hay all, How do I hail down a taxi and go for a ride? Are you able to specify a certain area that you want to go to? Cheers
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    PSP - Info please

    Hi guys, I'm on the verge of buying a PSP but I was hoping you might be able to answer the following questions for me: Does this "FirmWare" software come as part of the PSP or is it something you download onto the machine? Can I download a SNES emulator onto any version of the PSP...
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    HD Output

    Hi, I've read that even if you go for the 20GB SKU, you will still be able to enjoy HD..thanks to the component can someone tell me whats the difference between the HDMI output and component cable??
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    Memory Card Reader - 60GB Version

    Hi Guys, What cards will the 60GB version be able to read..I have a Sony Digital Camera so will the sony DUO memory stick I use with that be able to be used with the PS3? Also, will it be SD, XD memory cards that will be able to be read?