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    PS3 Portable Monitor/Screen?

    I remember that for the PSOne there were several monitors made, by third parties. Image here: These were designed with portability in mind, and if I remember rightly there were also third-party battery packs made, and you...
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    PS3 - Games Console or Media Center?

    When it launches, what do you think the PS3 will be capable of? 1) Games console, DVD and CD player. Basically what the PS2 can do. 2) Full media center. Can play all sorts of formats (audio - .wav, .mp3, .ogg. Video - .avi, .mpg, .mp4 etc. Photos - .jpeg, .gif, .bmp etc.). Can also surf the...
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    UK Price much more than N.A.s?

    I was looking at Wikipedia and noticed that with the Xbox 360, the North American launch price was WAAY lower than the Europe/UK launch price, with both the core and premium versions. I'll just use the premium as an example. It was $399 in the US, which comes out at roughly £225. But it sold...
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    The Future of TVs, Screens and Computer Monitors

    What do you think TVs, screens and computer monitors will be like 10 years from now? I think that we'll be seeing much, much higher resolutions, and also screens between a 2:1 and 3:1 ratio will not be a rarity. What about you?
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    The "X" in Xbox?

    What does the X mean?
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    Multi-Platform Games

    The PS3 is the only console which currently utilises Blu-Ray discs. A dual layer Blu-Ray disc will hold 54GB, and in a couple of years you can expect to see tri layer and even quad layer discs, which would get us up to 108GB per disc. The XBox 360 uses DVD-9 discs, which only hold 9GB. The PC...
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    Best looking game trailers?

    I think that the Project Offset, Motorstorm, MGS (it's probably all CGI, unfortunately) and Killzone (could it be real-time?!) trailers are the best. How about you?
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    Create Next-Gen GTA Box-art.

    The title says it all. Use your best Photoshop and creativity skills and see what you can come up with. There was a thread similar to this over at GTAForums but frankly, Invision PowerBoard sucks and so did all the boxart. So go crazy! :P.
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    Europe Launch Speculation

    Go ahead and, well, speculate!
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    What do you expect the PS3 to cost at launch?

    Here's another straight-forward pricing poll on the PS3. Please answer pretending that the PS3 meets all your expectations and has the feature set that we've been told. Also, we'll assume that the PS3 comes with nothing but the cables and a 60GB hard drive.
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    How much would you pay for the PS3?

    Yes, there's a thread on this but it was kind of, well, crap. So here's a poll to actually see some results more quickly. Please answer pretending that the PS3 meets all your expectations and has the feature set that we've been told. Also, we'll assume that the PS3 comes with nothing but the...
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    I need a HDTV! Garghh!!

    After I buy my PS3 with a hard drive, 2 games and 2 wireless controllers, I'll be skint. I'll have 0. Nothing. Nada. But money will slowly accumulate and soon enough I'll want an HDTV to harness the full power of my PS3. Currently, how much are the cheapest and most expensive DLP, plasma and...
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    Gay Marriage - Yes or No?

    Are you in favour of gay marriage or not? I have also posted a similar thread on another teen forum, but I want to see if the gaming community reflects what the teen community thinks. Here's the other thread I posted: I am strongly in...
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    480i TV to my 1024x768 Monitor

    I have a normal, 4-5 year old colour 14-inch bedroom TV (the Philips 14PT2666 to be exact - see It doesn't have any of this HDMI output stuff or anything. I also have a 15-inch, flat, 1024x768 computer...
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    2 types of PS3?

    I read more than a year ago that there were going to be two PS3s sold, one a "core" version and another a "premium" version, much like the XBox 360. The core version would be a gaming machine and pretty much nothing else, yet the premium version would have all the bells and wistles (Linux and...